Monday, November 2, 2009

Kevin Kim's Aggressive Tactics

This came into my inbox. (I linked it via the photo.)

--Joanne Trikas, who ran the polling site at PS 79, wrote of the Kim poll watchers that, “Many of our inspectors and myself at times felt they could be electioneering to voters. These people were ‘constantly’ inquiring with the inspectors who told me that they were very aggressive in gathering information.”

-- Elyse Bulla, the coordinator at PS 130, wrote that the Kim poll watchers, “Did not want to follow orders or procedures…They are telling me what to do…I kept telling them not to get involved.”

-- Maria Farren, the coordinator at St. Andrew Avellino School, wrote that, “Hyng Jung Shim–another Kim poll watcher, made our inspectors very uncomfortable. As soon as an Asian voter arrived at the table, she was right there inching her way in and taking notes.”

--Elaine Klein, the coordinator at PS 169, wrote that a Kim poll watcher named Jae W. Lee was “nasty, belligerent insulting.”

--Kevin Smyth, the coordinator at PS 193, wrote that Kim’s poll watchers were “not just checking signatures but taking names addresses & following voters out for more info (only Asian).”

According to the Board of Elections poll worker’s manual, “it is a felony punishable by fine, imprisonment or both for a poll worker to…electioneer at the polls.” The manual also state that poll watchers must, “follow the directions of the Coordinator or Board of Elections personnel,” and that poll workers cannot, “threaten or intimidate voters.”

Also, it turns out that Michael Sais, who organized the phony "Halloran is an anti-Semite" protest, is not only a Gianaris hack, but also a former Parkside lobbyist.
If the various news outlets that reported on this had bothered to do a simple Google search, they would have found this info. But reporting the whole truth is apparently no longer a goal in the age of Bloomberg.


???? enforcer said...

BRAVO CRAPPER for catching some of the usual suspects with their pants down!

I'll bet Evan and mommy Toby are popping "Immodiums" right now.

Have a good shit boys and girls!

Either way the election goes...
a file is being compiled to hand off to the FBI anti corruption unit!

Maybe the info will dovetail nicely with their Mc Laughlin case!

Could you just see Ackerman, Nussbaum, Shenckler, the Staviskys, etc. being prosecuted under the RICO statutes?

What color jump suits would you like?

Never suits you all the best!

Anonymous said...

Michael Sais is always at the 109th Precinct Community Council Meetings and acts like a big shot.. hes a f**king d-bag

John Peter Zenger's Ghost said...

You expect truthful reporting?

I thought Mike Shenckler had stated that his goal for the "Trib" was to practice "advocative journalism"...aka propaganda!

Truth Seeker said...

Is it me or does the Crapster shine the light on the darkness more than the "established" media? Imagine if the so-called reporters at the weaklies would even do 1/2 of what the Crapster and contributors do. Well, the truth is out way or another. And I am sure that there are certain elected officials and staff that are getting more than a little flustered. Please keep 'em coming!!! Another great scoop.

Anonymous said...

From the article:
"One reason Kim poll workers were wrongly thought to be electioneering, Kim said, was that they were speaking to voters in Korean or Mandarin, so poll coordinators could not understand what was being said."

Yet another reason to adopt English as the National Language"

Anonymous said...

there is probably non-legit activities going on, but please take into consideration that it doesn't take much to irk a board of election per Diem idiot.