Friday, June 5, 2009

Williamsburg also a squatter's paradise

From Curbed:

According to one Curbed tipster with a camera that makes us a bit seasick, the squatters have Williamsburg—with its many corpses left behind by the real estate boom—in their sights:

"I live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in a condo I bought one year ago. Warehouses around my area have been sold for development and since abandoned and ignored by both the owner/developers and the police due to the financial downfall. These structures have now become dumping grounds and squatter homes. I have called 311 and 911 about these issues, totally ignored."


Anonymous said...

From boom to bust as was predicted!

Now live with the wreckage you "savvy" investors!

"Bring out your dead"...."Monty Python".

Anonymous said...

Don't blame the squatters for choosing to live there than a dangerous homeless shelter, BLAME THE DEVELOPERS AND FINE THEM FOR THESE MESSES.

Anonymous said...

Well..come... home.......... Now if only Kotter and Vinnie Barbarino could make an appearance that would complete our slide back into late 70's early 80's NY.

Anonymous said...

wow no one has blamed Bloomberg yet? You guys are off your game

i kid

here are two scary words for you:

Squatter's Rights

Anonymous said...

Ya gotta luv ol Crappy.

the only way to go in Queens


linda said...

you'll see soon all these condos will be afforable housing. it already started in on condo in brooklyn, many more to follow.

oh and the owner of the development said he rather receive thousands from the city then to foreclosed.....

Anonymous said...

Of course Bloomberg is to blame.

It doesn't need to be mentioned until now because of a nearsighted dummy...being you...who needed a more detailed explanation.

So here's part of one:

Bloomberg, the "great financial wizard" fueled the fires of over expansion and over development to benefit his wealthy real estate pals NOT OUT OF LOVE FOR THE REST OF NYC'S CITIZENS.

They were cut special favors and deals which led to LESS TRULY AFFORDABLE HOUSING.

The market fell into an abyss leaving greedy speculators holding
their empty visions.

Now they walk away leaving unsecured buildings to rot.

Why doesn't Mike invoke eminent domain to claim these buildings and build some low density, low income public housing including special units for the homeless to get on their feet?

That's what eminent domain is supposed to be used for not stealing land i.e. like at Willets Point, Atlantic Yards, etc. to promote private projects!

-Joe said...

I saw am interesting crazy old guy waving a Bible shouting stuff on the LIRR today.
Turns out this guy was an old stoner we called "Bug" from Stephen street in the old 70's Ridgewood days.

He reconised me and spoke about his years in in jail/rehab
Bug claimed to be an ordained preacher--4 star general for the lord.
Lives in Whitestone
As eccentric as Bug came off he said something interesting.
(Now I dont know much about the bible I heven even been to church since some crazy nuns tried to kill me at age 7)

According to Bug:
Things are coming to pass as predicted in the Bible's "END DAYS"
Apparent it claims
1- Good will be counted as Bad and Evil will be counted as good.

2- Apostles were backstabbed, blaclisted in that day and continue today.

3- All people that speak the TRUTH are Hated by EVIL who grow stronger.

Any man can be brave in tIME OF peace..but to charge forward when the enemy is shooting takes courage.

Bug also said something about shadows with pitchforks ?
Global warming caused by hell heating up from to many bad people burning to make room ?

At this time I had to get off, I reached Bayside. Bug gave me some kind of protection blessing for $5
--I think it was a good deal.


linda said...

lmao joe

i would of blessed ya for free!

Anonymous said...

Squatters need to be aware thatat an owner can defend himself in his own private property. Running into soemone who broke into the property can be dangerous to the property owner who can legally take out an assailant.

-Joe said...

Yep, Castle Doctrine.

Problem is:
You actually have to "take out" the invader on the first shot and not in the back.
Its one reason to have self defence & shooting lessons.

If you miss or mame the assailants going end up with 10 pinko civil rights lawyer's who say your a racist, the clients, "misguided" or "nice when sober or takes his medication" "doesnt know the law in this country" blah blah blah.
All these crazy judges East of the Hudson will go with it.

You can also get taken out yourself.

This squatting and crime is only going to get worse unless Obama puts the troops on the street to send all these criminals back to their Central American cesspools.
They are clearly doing the same lawless crap here its all they know.

Behind Macys in Manhasset Guats stole all the Salvation army boxes, dragged them on to the Whitney estate woods PEOPLE WERE LIVING IN THEM !!

It wasnt till sombody came home from vacation and found the TV on with 2 guys passed on the sofa in a sea of beer cans those UN people running the Whitney foundation let the cops do something.

Anonymous said...

they'll go back to to mommy and daddy once it gets cold. Let them enjoy their summer vacation...

Anonymous said...

And when Babylon falls we will come for your condo...