Friday, June 5, 2009

Private companies to benefit under state plan

From AM-NY:

Gov. David Paterson wants to entice private companies to partner with the state to rebuild the Kosciuszko Bridge connecting Brooklyn and Queens and to repair the Gowanus Expressway.

Under the plan unveiled yesterday, Paterson said the state can consolidate the many public works projects across the state under one or a few companies.

The private firms would earn money through ongoing state payments, while the public would pass along the burden of building and maintaining the projects.

So far, the state has identified 27 projects it hopes to farm out to private firms.
Besides the Kosciuszko Bridge and the Gowanus Expressway, there are plans to build wind farms off the shores of Long Island and provide affordable Internet service across the state through the partnerships.

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Anonymous said...

Cheap stunts to get a cash infusion for a piss poor state government.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he wants to consoladate all the construction work to one company which is probably owned by Charles Rangle's wife! These jobs should go out to bid to the lowest cost bidder - period. Don't change this practice to the bad old days.

Anonymous said...

These sites have languished and rotted for years.

Now that there is an mass infusion of yuppies and hipsters into the service is granted by NYS to improve the "yupsters'" lot by improving the infrastructure that serves them!

F--k Paterson and the surgical gentrification of this particular nabe AT ALL OF US OTHER TAXPAYERS' EXPENSE!

Let the new breed of well healed pay for the upgrade of their newly acquired neighborhood with a SURTAX!

Anonymous said...

I'd rather see the money spent on this than on some of the other shenanigans that the city has been involved in lately like financing ballparks and attempting to steal private property.

God knows it could be your car that falls into the drink.

Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with the bridge ?
Aside needing a new road bed that could have been be rebuilt better 15 years ago the structure is good.
This sounds like another shady Junkyard Stadium deal for taxpayers

Anonymous said...


You might consider using our excellent transportation system yourself rather than feeding your fossil fueled guzzler (unless it's powered by your own methane output)!

Anonymous said...

You don't need a car. You could power the entire city with your bile.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like your suffering from a touch of bilious bile yourself fella!

Get on a bike...pump those pedals...a sure cure for constipation!

Let the breeze flow through your pubic hair old gal!

Anonymous said...

Your new refrigerator is in stock. The deliveryman is strapping it to his back and he'll pedal right over.

That sounds reasonable, doesn't it, oh car-less one? Or have you forgotten how the necessities of life are transported through the city.

The days of hefty longshoremen offloading trucks is over, and the rail spurs are covered with dust.

But I suppose if you come from the luxury class your servants can handle the details.