Saturday, June 6, 2009

Old dog food ad uncovered

Chlorophyllin, eh?

This old ad has been uncovered at Flushing Avenue and Fresh Pond Road in Maspeth. Forgotten New York dates it from the 1920s.

Click photo for story.


Kevin Walsh said...

Written with a heavy heart, literally--my first post after valve surgery...

-Joe said...

Makes total sense.
Ironing reminder of things to come and what we may all be eating this side the East River.
It made me laugh

Happy healing Mr.Walsh. What a classic Forgotten-NY comeback.
BTW thats my Grandfather RIP on the M Train page 1/2 way down (big guy) reading the paper. Must have been after his cataract surgury post late 1969.

I still have that long Zoot coat and sport jacket somplace !!


CJ said...

Welcome back Kevin, I hope you are feeling much better. I'm looking forward to many more pages on FNY.
Remembered not forgotten.


georgetheatheist said...

Kevin Walsh, you are The Man. Always loved your past historical endeavors and hopefully many more to come.

Beautiful wooden siding, no? Only Dykes Lumber in LIC still has it but not the same quality as seen in this photo. I bought some wooden siding about ten years ago from a source in Vermont and had it trucked to my property. It needs periodic maintenance though. That's why ersatz aluminum and now vinyl siding came down the pike. Who's got time to spackle, scrape and paint these days? However, when you wander around country roads in farmland you still see wooden siding (and shakes & shingles).

ew-3 said...


an "internal deodorant"

welcome back Kevin...