Friday, June 5, 2009

Avella: workaholic activist turned councilman

From WG:

Bloomberg and Avella were each elected to office in 2001, the Manhattan executive-turned-mayor, and the workaholic activist-turned-councilman from Queens. In the eight years since, the city has rezoned one-sixth of the total land in the five boroughs—more than the last six administrations combined—and the City Council has approved more than 80 total rezonings.

Many of these have been down-zonings, reducing the height of buildings in a given area, but the administration’s penchant for large-scale development projects has engendered a number of bitter fights across the five boroughs—from Atlantic Yards to East Harlem, and from Willets Point to the far West Side.

The City Council, as an unwritten rule, defers to the local council member on these projects, a system that makes most votes nearly unanimous, and often leaves Avella as one of only two regular dissenters (usually paired with Charles Barron, who represents a district in east Brooklyn). Avella’s willingness to reach out to dissenters in other districts has made him something of a pariah among his council colleagues, who recently voted against a minor rezoning in Avella’s district as punishment for his insubordination.

(Leading the charge on that vindictive little hissy fit was The Doorman, Eric Gioia.)


Anonymous said...

Christine Quinn has turned the city council to a cease pool of evil. Her leadership of Fraud and Corruption has rot this city to its core. She has to go.

Jerry Rotondi said...

Keep up the good work Tony.
You've got my vote!

Anonymous said...

The reason why the clubhouse turds are throwing hissy-fits RE Avella is that he's skimming off the pond scum
of politics and cleaning up the waters!


It's a dirty, tiresome job that only a devoted public servant is willing to undertake unto completion.

That makes Tony "the tiger" the best choice for mayor.

When was the last time you saw Bloomberg dirty his hands?

Anonymous said...

Not to seem rude but Tony was a complete politician for the clubhouse back in the day, getting pettitions and lobbying district leaders.

When Queens Machine turned theor back on him he went activist.

italian girl said...

So many people hate Bloomfreak but don't know enough about the alternatives out there. People are also afraid of change. Especially when there is an economic crisis, some may feel he's good with money so therefore he's the guy. We need to educate everyone!
If Avella can only make himself and his views known through the media, people will start to listen and realize they do have a choice.

Avella has a good platform. Publicize it as much as possible. People are sick of the billionaire boys club and want just a regular guy.

Anonymous said...

When Queens Machine turned theor back on him he went activist.


Well, their mistake is our advantage.

Tony, since the media will not give you an even break, (or should I say they give you an Evan break ;) ) you are going to have to use the internet the same way that Obama did.

The problem is how to overcome

1. the clueless immigrants,

2. the out to lunch seniors,

3. and the bike-lane bought greens.

Suggestions please.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Thanks for my Friday joke of the day.
IF he needs a job after his failed run for Mayor, I'll consider him.

linda said...

bloomshit on board, who else would be insulting the tony. i believe bloomshit is afraid of tony,and he knows when more and more people learn of MR AVELLA they will vote for him.

Anonymous said...

Good to know that Bum-turd is spending money scoping Queens Crap.

I wonder who has the assignment....Evan?

Alan said...

Here's a little something to think about. Tony Avella, in my opinion, represents the true spirit of the democratic system. It is very disconcerting to see how little the media is paying attention to his candidacy. He stands with the people on issues and has a city council attendance record that is second to none. Not only that, he has gone all over the 5 boroughs to advocate for the little guy and educate himself on the issues important to local communities.

On the other hand, Bloomturd has so much money that he cannot spend it fast enough! This HUGE display of wealth and control of the media make the democratic process a mockery. This two-faced, hypocritical mayor has flip flopped on many issues, but most importantly on the validation of overturning the people's will by forcing the city council to vote in his favor to overturn term limits after 2 referendums with opposite results that were conducted a few years earlier. Four years ago the mayor felt that such a move would be a disgrace and now, when a reporter calls him out, he calls the reporter a disgrace!!!

Will the people allow the democratic process be destroyed by a person whose wealth and incumbency give him an unfair advantage? Although I am not a parent, many of you who are reading this have children and perhaps their children have had children. Think about the precedent and legacy that this election will have on their future. If multi-millionaires and billionaires can use their influence to buy elected offices, then we might as well throw in the towel and live in a dictatorship.

Therefore, there is a clear choice in the upcoming mayoral election and I plan to flip the lever for Mayor Avella!!! I do not agree with him on every issue but his heart is in the right place and I know, from personal experience, that he will fulfill that position to the best of his ability. More importantly Tony will stop overdevelopment and all of the trappings that go along with expansion without the appropriate planning for infrastructure that can cripple this city if it is allowed to continue.

I believe that a federal investigation would reveal corruption that this city has not seen in decades. This year more than ever, your vote can really make a difference. Please vote for Tony and encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to do the same. Thank you for reading this.

This has NOT been a paid political advertisement!

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Bravo Alan: Tony Avella exudes honesty and integrity.
You said it all.
Suzannah B. Troy

Anonymous said...

Trust me - they will pull out the guns to challenge his petitions just like someone I know who has already been threatened). This is their first step to keep out honest candidates.

What is next? - e-mails saying he is a Socialist, Communist? Oh, I kmow what he's a Moslim.

Anonymous said...

We need a hell of a lot more people than Ms Troy out there. Where are they? Have them post here! Have them ACT UP (remember what was posted here about that Blumturd's thin skin?)

All those bike nuts? TA kids? waterfront advocates? Well we are waiting!



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