Friday, June 19, 2009

No good deed restriction goes unpunished

As listed:

Enormous 120 x 100 Corner Lot in Prime North Flushing

* Detached Center Hall Colonial on SPRAWLING 100 x 120 corner lot
* Property ideal for user or builder -- Fix it up or rebuild
* Current house features
* 4 Bedrooms
* 3 full and 1 half bath
* Center Hall
* Formal Dining Room
* Eat-in Kitchen
* Finished attic with full bath and kichenette [sic]
* Zoned R1-2

From a North Flushing resident:

"This is a property that they think that they can subdivide. It's not subdividable because of the Rickert-Finlay covenant. They need 80' x 100' on the avenue and 60' x 100' on the mid-blocks. Judy is the WORST realtor around. She has been trying to wreck this place for the last ten years."


Who? said...

There goes the neighborhood!!!

Tommy can ya hear me?

Anonymous said...

Take a hike Judy....we don't need brokers like you.

Watch the karma......

Where do you live?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for it to be turned into a Korean church!

Anonymous said...

That's a lovely house. Check out the piece of shit on the corner of 164th and Bayside Lane - used to be a charming ranch. Now it's a 2 unit with 3 meters!!!!!!!!!!!! No illegal basement apartment there! Due to public outcry, the builders had to pry off 7 external commercial air conditioning units. The filled in the missing orange bricks with gray cement. North Flooshing is deteriorating at a rapid rate.

italian girl said...


And to think she thinks she's doing everyone a service by giving away free ice cream at Carvel next week.

Because we're just THAT stupid.

Well, maybe some people are...

Anonymous said...

isnt Julia?

Anonymous said...

That low class Russkie real estate slut shits in the very own neighborhood that she lives in.

Why can't those tea-time mannered Broadway /Flushing-ites picket Judy's house?

No? And why not?

As Ms. Broadway Hostess once proclaimed:

Oh..."But we have to be positive".

The time has come to pack politeness in the storage closet dearie!

Anonymous said...

How lovely. It's a shame nothing can stop an apartment building from going here.

Anonymous said...

You're grossly misinformed.

You can't build an apartment building in this R1-2a zoned area.

But you can tear down this vintage home and replace it with a single family residence of any taste so long as it has the required footprint for the lot size.