Friday, June 19, 2009

Latimer House provides haven for youth

From the Daily News:

Queens native Vivian Warfield has wrestled with a thorny query since becoming the director of the Latimer House Museum a year ago: How can she develop support in a predominantly Asian community for a home dedicated to the memory of an African-American inventor?

"How do you remain relevant?" asked Warfield, who is black.

The Historic House Trust, which took over the home in August, has provided assistance in various ways, including helping to get funding from General Electric for an exhibit on Latimer's life. Warfield has done her part, too, taking Mandarin lessons to widen her contacts in the Chinese community.

But, above all, Warfield has tried to use Latimer's legacy to make a difference in the lives of local African-American and Latino youths, who can often feel lost amid Flushing's booming Asian population.

"These African-American and Hispanic kids drop by the wayside here," she said. "They are like endangered species."

Latimer's old lab and study, which Warfield one day hopes to restore, provides the children with a safe place to spend time between the end of school and the beginning of youth activities at the Latimer Gardens Community Center.

The kids said they appreciate an environment that is free of the stresses of the street.

"It provides a sense of safety for me," said Marquise Greer, 16, who also lives in Latimer Gardens Houses. "This place is actually fun."


Anonymous said...

I've been in there on a tour. Beautiful house. They should find ways to better utilize it or provide more tours and advertise it beyond just to the Flushing community.

Anonymous said...

I did not even know Latimer lived in Flushing, and I am fascinated by Science and Technology.

May I suggest that Latimer is not just for African Americans? He was one of the seminal inventors of the electrification of America at the turn of the last century.

Perhaps some sort of outreach to the local science high schools or to engineering professional societies such as IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) would be in order.

Anonymous said...

The Asian culture has great respect for inventors and in schools, many place their emphasis is placed on sciences. That is the direction the marketing for this fine institution should take.

georgetheatheist said...

"...local African-American and Latino youths, who often feel lost amid Flushing's booming Asian population...they are like endangered species."

What, no whiteys in sight anymore?

Flushing HS "student" 16 year old African-American Corey Azor and Robert F. Kennedy HS "student" 17 year old African-American Chris Levy exhibited "endangered species" behavior against World Journal newspaper executive David Kao thusly: Said Levy "I continued to hold him in a headlock and punch [sic] him in the face and then he stopped moving."

That's right send them to the Latimer House.

By the way, readers, here's your homework assignment. Check out the logo of the mascot of the RFK High School located on Parsons Boulevard.

Anonymous said...

Latimer was a great man. He was the hidden hand behind many of "Edison's" inventions. If these wicked lads were hitting their books, instead of hitting tiny Asian men, we would all be better off.

Anonymous said...

The purpose of introducing Asians (somewhat like a predatory species) was to kill off the African American community in Flushing.

It's almost completed now.

Ask Ackerman, Stavisky, Herce, CB#7,
Manes (oops you can't ask him) etc.

Now let's cut out all the hypocrisy now!

What prominent female community leader said this (about 26 years ago)?

"We didn't want the wrong element here". (She was referring to the riders of color on the Q 44 bus from Jamaica invading Flushing).

Or what that sterling State Assemblyman said 24 years ago...

"Thank God for the Asians. We don't want Flushing to become another south Bronx".

Who's kidding who.

Latimer house will become an Asian outreach center 8 years from now .

It should have been moved near the Hall of Science like had been suggested.

Even the Bland Houses are becoming predominantly occupied Taiwanese & Chinese.

The Black residents are slowly being eased out!

John Liu's answer to incresing bad relations there among African Americans and Asians:

Free classes in the Mandarin dialect!


Anonymous said...

Oh buzz off "George"!

You're a dyed in the wool bigot...worse than any Archie Bunker!

And you've just proved it!

Save your bitter herb "wisdom" for another era!

Anonymous said...

George the atheist.

None of those kids who assaulted/robbed that asian man lived in Flushing.

One was from east elmhurst
the other from harlem.

Nice try tho.

local African-American and Latino youths, who often feel lost amid Flushing's booming Asian population...they are like endangered species.


Anonymous said...

Leave the aethiest alone.

He gets a verbo-erotic thrill from watching his heavily worded comments emerge on his screen.

Better slip a condom on before you short-circuit your PC pal!

Anonymous said...

Everybody's an endangered species in downtown Flushing.

If you're not Asian you're ignored.

The Chinese refer to "whites" as "the ghost people".

Get're already gone!

Anonymous said...

Wadda ya men?

I've adapted well to Chinese ways.

I've got this great recipe for braised cat and shaved eel prepared with with bamboo shoots, smothered in a rich scallion sauce!


georgetheatheist said...

They were Flushing area high school students. (Did you check out the RFK HS logo yet?)

"You're a dyed in the wool bigot..."

Erratum. I am a sociologist.

Anonymous said...

Funny, this guy is all but unkown outside of Queens. Is this guy's obscurity whitey's conspiracy ... or an overblown myth?

One thing is sure.

This building is a money pit while other places (like Bowne House) rot around it.

Anonymous said...

georgetheatheist said...
They were Flushing area high school students. (Did you check out the RFK HS logo yet?)

"You're a dyed in the wool bigot..."

Erratum. I am a sociologist.

Friday, June 19, 2009
Erratum. You are an arrogant boob.

Anonymous said...

You sure you didn't mean erectus George?

You're poppin' a woody again seeing your words materialize on screen.

Get over it and spank the monkey already before it hits the delete tab on your key board and your next pearls of wisdom go to hell in a flash.

Where did you receive your degree in sociology from...huh?