Friday, June 19, 2009

Vibrant and diverse voodoo

From CBS2:

A little girl was burned over a 25 percent of her body and police said Thursday her mother and grandmother are responsible.

What's even more disturbing is the fact that they said it happened during a ritual at the family's Queens Village home.

The Queens district attorney said she was just 6 years old. And deliberately set on fire by her mother and grandmother. In what the top cop called a Haitian voodoo ritual.

"She had accelerant poured on her and that a ring of fire was created. She was then placed inside the ring of fire and as a result suffered the kind of injuries she suffered," Richard Brown said.

The little girl's family lived in the basement of the Queens Village home. This is where the DA said the tragedy occurred.


Anonymous said...

All in the name of religion... Nice...
Pervert priests.
Child molester rabbis -whose bakery happens to be on 59th St in Maspeth.
Voodoo burnings.
This is sickening - not enough jail cells for these severly demented people.

Anonymous said...

The mother and grandmother who burned the child in a "ring of fire" in a supposed Haitian Voodoo ritual need to be introduced to a new American ritual, "the ring of Angry Riker's Island inmates who have not seen their own children in a while".

This unique American ritual will bring new cultural awareness to the culprits.

By the way, no great fan of voodoo, but there are thousands of Haitians in New York. If this so-called ritual was a regular thing we would have reports of it every day. Something has been left out of the story.

Anonymous said...

Pervert priests and rabbis don't commit their crimes in the "name of religion", they're just typical pedophiles who go to work where they know they'll find children, the same way pedophile boy scout leaders, sports coaches and public school teachers do. And I am not even sure voodoo is a religion.

Anonymous said...

It's not a crime.You must respect their culture! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.