Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Council candidate's volunteer attacked

From the Queens Campaigner:

Democratic District Leader and City Council candidate James Wu said one of his petition volunteers was attacked and had a clipboard with personal information from hundreds of voters stolen Sunday.

Wu said a 19 year-old volunteer with his campaign was collecting signatures for the district leader’s bid to replace Councilman John Liu (D-Flushing) Sunday, when a man ran up behind him, knocked him to the ground and stole his clipboard containing information on between 200 and 300 Democratic voters in the area.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” Wu said. “And I’ve only been doing this 20 years, so what do I know?”

The incident occurred near the corner of 184th Street and Utopia Parkway at approximately 7:30 p.m. According to Wu, police were investigating the case as a grand larceny.

Photo by LiuNYC2009 on Flickr


Anonymous said...

Crappy, fix the headline, its "John Liu opponent's volunteer attacked" or James Wu's Volunteer attacked. Big boo boo. Presumably Liu's people were the attackers.

Anonymous said...

John Liu is running for comptroller so his name was on the petition as well.

Anonymous said...

Then they're probably Stavisky's Queens clubhouse thugs if Liu's people were the attackers!

Possibly with the help of some mainland Chinese Communist party members...the same ones that Liu supported who harassed the Faulin Gong demonstrators recently in Flushing.

John Liu (being their obedient finger puppet) never does anything unless Toby & Company's index finger up his ass instructs him how to act.

So the Stavisky camp has graduated from stealing newspapers off the stands (a la 1980s incident) to mugging!

That's what happens when the Democratic dictatorship clubhouse has free run of the borough!

Are you listening Ragusa?

Keep on running those idiot Republican contenders of yours and your party will melt away like an ice cream cone on a hot August day!

We need some Republican party competition in this one product political supermarket of ours to keep the game more honest.

Anonymous said...

Wait! Wow! Wu Wacked? Whoa!

As reported by Variety Magazine.

Anonymous said...

The attacker will now give the petitions to the opponent, who will white out the candidates' names and replce them with their candidate. And no one will care.

Anonymous said...

liu the crook is up to his own tricks.

Anonymous said...

all these lius vote them all out

Anonymous said...

Let's not lose sight of the whole picture.

Liu is only a puppet.

The Dem clubhouse pulls his strings!

They're the real dangerous ones around here!

(Musical theme from "The Godfather" softly playing in the background).

Anonymous said...

Unless people wake up, corrupt John Liu may well be the next comptroller. He is NYC's answer to Pedro Espada. Think about Liu handling the city's money. He will be walked out in handcuffs in one year. Weprin is no better - give him one year also. It is a tough choice, but my vote goes to Yassky. He is the best in a pile of sludge.

Anonymous said...

anonymous said: "The attacker will now give the petitions to the opponent, who will white out the candidates' names and replce them with their candidate. And no one will care." Sadly funny and pathetic, but probably true. No one will care because they are all in cahoots.