Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Death squads hit Fort Totten, Flushing Meadows

From the NY Post:

Death squads targeting Canada geese before they bring down any more commercial jets launched an amphibious assault on Fort Totten Park in Queens -- where they used an armada of kayaks to herd the flying menaces to the shore.

Workers from the US Department of Agriculture and city Parks Department then rounded up gaggles of the pesky honkers, put them in crates and drove them on a flatbed truck to a secret location at Kennedy Airport.

Officials wouldn't say if they were gassed there or transported to another location to meet their doom.

USDA spokeswoman Carol Bannerman said only that the geese would be humanely euthanized. Other sources say the usual procedure is for them to be put to sleep in gas chambers pumped full of carbon dioxide.

Geese also were removed yesterday from Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, Bannerman said.


Taxpayer said...

Now we know how brave and intelligent Commissar Death and Taxes is when it comes to cruelty to animals.

He couldn't find any alternative to DEATH to the geese? Nobody on this planet could inform this miserable, heartless moron on any other method for making the geese go elsewhere?

Let's use our own method to make this miserable imbecile go elsewhere - to Bermuda with the terrorists for one.

Use September 15 to dump the killer.

georgetheatheist said...

Calling all Believers. Calling all Believers.

"And God said...let them have dominion...over the fowl of the air." - Genesis I/26


Anonymous said...

I like how they used to word "menace" for the birds.. meanwhile we are the ones killing them.. Hmm.

& It's carbon monoxide, not dioxide. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

sept 15th lets put bloomberg dreams of a 3rd term to sleep. fuck bloomberg to bring these gas chambers to nYC and kills these geese for nothing but his own sick perversions.

Anonymous said...

These Geese aren't even good eating geese.

Anonymous said...

Why is USDA spokeswoman Carol Bannerman & Bloomberg killing geese? EPA where are you?

Anonymous said...

The biggest problem is that it is all for nothing. Unless we modify the environment to make it less attractive, fresh geese will fly in.

Liman said...

Stop crying for these stupid geese. Canada geese that opt out of migration are a new phenomena for us. There weren't any aroud here 40, 50 years ago. They are pests. They foul lawns, park, ballfields, they're too dumb to avoid cars. They're enough to make you like pigeons. Yes more will appear to take their place - let the same fate await them.

Anonymous said...

"They foul lawns, park, ballfields, they're too dumb to avoid cars."

They aren't being killed because they foul lawns, they're being killed for taking down planes, which they didn't. The migratory ones did. And maybe we should concentrate on building better planes rather than killing in order to make ourselves feel better. This will accomplish nothing.

Anonymous said...

I just can't beieve we are gonna spend tax dollars on killing geese. It is not like it will solve the problem. It will just be wasted spending and that is what this jackass of a mayor has done to our city. NO THIRD TERM FOR THIS MAYOR!!!!

-Joe said...

These Geese aren't even good eating geese.

- Yep Canadian.
It would be cheaper to just snip the wing bone tips, crate and deport them.

This mob of union browncoats cost far more.

-Joe said...

To tell you the truth I agree with teh poster above. We have these "crapper" geese (as in the photo) in Manhasset.

I have yet to see ONE of these fat bastards get more then 2 inches off the ground !!

Anonymous said...

"So they call me "Zyclon B" Bloomberg"?

I'll not explain it any the film "To Be Or Not To Be" (with Jack Benny)...directed by Ernst Lubitch.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that the commercially produced gas formulated for the extermination of vermin that the Nazis first used in their mobile execution trailers until they came up with a more efficient system?

Anonymous said...

Give that WW II era historian a cigar and Der Bloomberg the boot!

(A jackboot in the ass at the polls).

Anonymous said...

(Give hizzoner an "A"...he feels a tune coming on.

"Reich's land...Reich's land...uber allis...uber allis...NYC"!

Wait until you see the black uniform
Mike will be wearing if he gets his 3rd term.

"SS" cut...simply stunning!

Anonymous said...

The mayor can now take his place along with other notorious animal abusers like Michael Vick.Think about it ,if any person harmed these birds in any fashion we would be subject to criminal prosecution under the law.Instead he has used the law as a weapon against our innocent wildlife and tries to justify his refusal to use non lethal methods of population control.His only solution was gassing them to death.This is nothing more then abuse of power and legalized animal cruelty. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

I was born in NYC.We have had other mayors running the city like Mayor Dinkins our first black mayor and Mayor Koch ("How am I doing".)Now we have Mayor Bloomberg,who I voted for twice.I will remember him differently .This city is finally coming back again after Sept 11 and a still present financial recession,and now he has reigned death upon this city once again,by gassing our resident geese population to death.He has hurt this city.I will never forget his legalized animal slaughter ,but I will always remember him with painful memories.Quiet isn't it,in a world with only us.