Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ferreras, EDC lying to Willets Point business owners

The City's Economic Development Corporation and City Council Member Julissa Ferreras are telling property owners, business owners and workers not to worry about the letter that will be going out soon that will notify them of an eminent domain hearing (which is still going to happen, but has been postponed). They are telling affected parties that the letter sounds scarier than it is because of its official wording and that it doesn't mean that their property will be seized anytime soon.


According to the Institute for Justice:

"ALL evidence must be submitted at this first hearing. Anything not submitted at this hearing can't be used as evidence in later proceedings. It is absolutely critical that every single piece of information that shows the city's purposeful neglect of Willets Point be submitted at this hearing."

Bottom line is: Don't swallow what the tweeders are feeding you and come out with guns blazing.

How the hell do these people sleep at night and look at themselves in the mirror in the morning, I wonder?


Anonymous said...

"Every single piece of information that shows the City's purposeful neglect of Willets Point" must be submitted at this hearing? In that case, I hope they've allocated at least a few days for the hearing. It might take that long to present all of the information.

IJ, of course, is correct. But the scope of IJ's advice is too narrow. The information that must be presented at the hearing is not limited to that which pertains to the City's purposeful neglect. ANY basis of a potential future legal challenge must be presented and placed on the record during the initial hearing, whether or not it relates to the purposeful neglect. In this instance, eminent domain may be challenged via numerous compelling arguments, many of which are unrelated to the purposeful neglect.

Anonymous said...

Would this include the conflict of interest between CB7 board bully Apelian and the Vallones? It sure seems like Chuck swayed the community board into a convoluted and confusing vote on Willets Point.

What about Shulman lobbying illegally? This is going to get quite interesting.

Jerry Rotondi said...

The EDC are Bloomberg's brigands!

Anonymous said...

CHUCK...CHUCK...that other deceitful opportunist!

And what did Vallone promise him besides a hefty salary as his campaign manager?

Didn't Chuck's firm already get Vallone's campaign literature printing contract?

Ah...a nice position in government that pays even better of course!

I guess Chuck has grown weary of his unpaid years of "service" at CB#7!

He's, apparently, envious of Bitterman's $80,000 annual take!

Anonymous said...

In one way or another Chuck "Follow the Buck" Apelian has financially benefited from his years as a member of CB 7.

Apelian & Vallone - The Unholy Alliance.

Anonymous said...

Chuck's own neighborhood is in shambles...over-run by "religious" institutions, community facilities and some illegal hotels.

No doubt he's looking forward to a bigger and better job...maybe even selling his house and moving on.

Where was his watchful eye at CB#7 all these years?

Watching out for himself...that foxy Armenian rug dealer!

Anonymous said...

edc always lies this is nothing new they bullshit every one just like cb7 that has done nothing for us , lies lies and lies we must vote these people out and take our city back

reffie said...

What about Shulman lobbying illegally? This is going to get quite interesting.

this is a great point and i hope not i hope some is looking in to it

Anonymous said...

Out with Bloomberg at once! Scum!

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Watch Tony Avella speak up at City Hall for small businesses and of course I bust on Mike Bloomberg.

Vote for Tony Avella for mayor.

Oust king Bloomberg!