Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bloomberg is a "petulant rich kid"

From the NY Examiner:

Bloomberg acts like a petulant child, a petulant rich kid. Like Giuliani, he has a thin skin when asked legitimate questions he doesn’t like. Rudy is a bully, Bloomberg is simply a nasty little rich kid. Both are control freaks.

New York may be an international financial market but it has always been run by New Yorkers, for good or ill. Now it is being run by a rich transplant, intent on reinventing New York in his rich image. It’s all about business. He doesn’t care about destroying the fabric of New York as long as he can remake it a rich man’s paradise.

There is a dark horse. That dark horse is Tony Avella, a city councilman from Queens who is no fan of mayor Mike. He has even taken his council colleagues to task for kowtowing to Bloomberg’s whims. He is most definitely against the out of control development under Bloomberg’s terms.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you have to be a control freak to be a mayor. On the other hand, there are limits and the voters have already drawn the line on third terms.

It is often the case that politicians become stale the longer they are in power. Look at FDR, his later terms were his worst.

Anonymous said...

History shows that 3rd term mayoral runs often wind up in the dust!

Let's bury Bloomberg with his own spade this November.


Remember that other dark horse of historical fame..."SEA BISCUIT"...he won against all odds!

Have faith in our system you voters. "It ain't over 'til it's over"!

We can unseat this cold tyrant Bloomberg with a stroke of our index fingers in the comfort of a voting booth.

No bloody revolution is required.

Taxpayer said...

Take some time to look over Tony Avella.

The question for us is: Who should be in control of our own interests - someone who loathes you (Commissar Death and Taxes) - or someone who is most like you and unashamed of that fact (Tony Avella)?

We really need as mayor someone who rakes his own leaves, shovels his own show and puts out his own trash.

We need someone who never pretends to be anything other than an honest man who has lived the life of the average New Yorker and is proud of that fact.

Here's your chance to take back control!

On September 15, vote Avella.

Do it again on November 3.

Anonymous said...

I am looking into leaving NY, but NOT BEFORE THE ELECTION. I need to help my fellow New Yorker's Oust that little nasty, indifferent, arrogant, it's all about me and my rich buddies Mayor.

Tony Avella you have my vote and my family's votes.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Watch me yell "Oust the king" as Mike Bloomberg walks down the steps of City Hall!!!!!!!!!! Mike Harris was there and to date he hasn't apologized to Azi Paybarah but he clearly he has given up his "I am what I am routine" and rather than act like the little emperor of NYC he gives me the thumbs up.

Learn why I am there and hear me give him a mouth full!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suzannah B. Troy

linda said...

i believe this troll sold his soul to the devil.....

he gets uglier with each picture and i'm starting to see the horns come out.....

vote his ass out come november!
vote for AVELLA

Anonymous said...

First, email HRH Bloomturd at to let him know what you think about what he's doing to the borough of Queens. Demand that there be a rent freeze and an expansion of rent stabilization to preserve the middle class.

Then, do everything possible to ensure that this arrogant elitist does not make this city his personal property. Vote down a third term.

Anonymous said...

He's got to be a homo...........the hissy fits,moodines,etc.