Sunday, June 21, 2009

4-story occupied building collapses in Brooklyn

From the NY Post:

A four-story building in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn that has a recent history of shaking collapsed this afternoon, injuring at least three people and leading to the evacuation of nearby buildings.

"It's completely destroyed," Alex Alamonte, 27, manager of the Associated Supermarket across the street from the building at 493 Myrtle Ave. near the intersection of Ryerson Street.

Alamonte said the brick building began falling apart, for no apparent reason, at about 2 p.m.

"It fully collapsed from one second to another. First a couple bricks fell down and then the whole front fell down. Floor by floor it went down," said Alamonte. "It's a pile of rubble except the back left corner . . . the back wall is still standing."

"It was like September 11. Out of nowhere the building just collapsed."

Photograph via haesun on Twitter


Anonymous said...

No, No apparent reason except that these collapses have become a plague in the last 5 years.

Let's see possible reasons:

Bribes to building inspectors while illegal or insane work is done in this building or nearby buildings (thereby undermining its foundations)

Untrained workers making improper alterations.

Building foundations being undermined or tunneled to the level of underground rivers.

Attacking the walls, floors and ceilings and removing every important load-bearing member while replacing it with pretty tinsel.

Oops, my bad, that's my building. What was I thinking.

Anonymous said...

DOB is doing a great job inspecting... NOT! Bloomies underlings running the DOB reminds me of "your doing a heck of a job Brownie." Useless Like our mayor. On that note I hope all who were hurt have a full and speedy recovery.

Frank Lloyd Crap said...


Anonymous said...

We had just finished eating down the block when we heard the firetrucks going by. We walked down thinking it was a fire and then like the guy said, it looked like 9-11. Glad to hear no one got really hurt.

Of note were the hasid guys who started to hang around the scene and started getting on there cell-phones. I wonder if they

a. own the land, the building, or the lot next to it that was being developed.
b. are in the market to develop some more land now that the area has been "cleared".

either way watch out ny, the sky is falling.

Anonymous said...

Crappy, they had a hearing scheduled for July 13 on an already existing violation. If the building falls down, do they still have to go?

Anonymous said...

NYC uses the cheapest non-union labor they can contract out. Its a shock more buildings don't fall down.

Anonymous said...

Hey folks, get used to it. This is the shape of things to come. Payoffs to the Buildings Department and their 10 inspectors, plus giving out permits when they shouldn't. A lot of stuff is being overlooked. The developers put these buildings up as fast as they can so they can turn a profit. Shoddy workmanship equals collapse.

Building Inspectors said...

Some of the comments on this post are worrying if true. I hope this collapse brings light on the issue. Thankful that no one was killed!

Anonymous said...

WTF care white people doing in that

Anonymous said...

Look at the stud welding portion of the job. stud welding the studs to the deck secures the floor. The inspector is supposed to check to make sure that each weld holds.
BUT THEY DONT!!!Then they pour the concrete and no one is the wiser until the building collapses. There should be a architect drawing for each floor, showing weher the studs are too be layed out and how many are going to be installed.

former building inspector said...

AKA...the department of bumbling & bribery!

Anonymous said...

"Payoffs to the Buildings Department and their 10 inspectors, plus giving out permits when they shouldn't."

I heard that the inspectors "craned" their necks at the stack of bills that crossed their palms!!!! Bloomturd lost control a long time ago but does he give a squat? Get rid of the bum before there are more deaths. injuries, and property damage. Those poor people who lost everything and have no recourse are an omen!