Sunday, June 21, 2009

3 Queens businesses that passed from father to son

From the Daily News:

Vito Citrano learned to whip cream at age 5, Leslie Barnes to scale fish at 6 and Lance and Mike Wagner to drive forklifts at 12 - all taught by their dads.

A generation later on Father's Day, the savvy sons helm three of the borough's best-known businesses - Eddie's Sweet Shop in Forest Hills, London Lennie's Restaurant in Rego Park and Glendale Lumber.

What - no profile of the Huangs?


Anonymous said...

What, no profile of the Vallone's city council seat?

Anonymous said...

Hirsuistic beasts. This is the so called diversity?

Taxpayer said...

They better watch their backs.

Commissar Death and Taxes obsesses about seizing private properties and businesses such as these. Look at the properties and businesses at Willets Point.

The Commissar's preference is to destroy all signs of an independent middle class.

Let's destroy his hopes and abilities to keep seizing. Destroy his future on Primary day, September 15.

Taxpayer said...

"Hirsuistic beasts. This is the so called diversity?"

Who brought up "diversity"? Who says there must be "diversity"? How is it a virtue?

Why mention their hair? With a misspelled word at that?

Perhaps a jealous competitor? A bald, spelling-challenged jealous competitor?

italian girl said...

OMG. What is that dessert? It looks delicious.