Friday, March 20, 2009

Your tax dollars at work

From the Queens Tribune:

From the College Point Boulevard exit of the Long Island Expressway to the Northern Boulevard exit on the Grand Central, “Citi Field” now covers where “Shea Stadium” used to be.

And the MTA has changed the subway signs to "Mets/Willets Point".


Anonymous said...

They spelled Shitty wrong!

Alan said...

Here is a link to the WCBS traffic reporter's photos of the stadium from yesterday:

I miss Shea already. What is that monstrosity? I don't get the old-time feelings of nostalgia that the stadium was designed to evoke. It is a temple to corporate America. What's up with the dark line going through the center of the field? And I cannot emphasize enough that there are 12,000 less seats than Shea. That's significant!

Anonymous said...

12,000 less because riff-raff like you is not welcome. You are only good to buy the bills when the Master's of the Universe screw up.

Anonymous said...

$49 to park your car at Citifield. OUTRAGES!

Anonymous said...

The sign should have read, "NY Mets," Citibank didn't pay the DOT fir the signs.