Monday, March 9, 2009

Yankees fail to produce subpoenaed documents

Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

NEW YORK (AP) -- State Assemblyman Richard Brodsky says the New York Yankees have produced only a fraction of the documents subpoenaed as part of his investigation into whether the team's new $1.5 billion stadium is a good deal for the city.

The Yankees turned over documents at a legislative committee hearing Friday in Manhattan. But Brodsky said they weren't all the records legislators sought on the ballpark's tax-exempt financing and ticket prices.

Team president Randy Levine called the assemblyman's inquiry a "witch hunt."

Brodsky is a longtime critic of the stadium deal, which is backed by hundreds of millions of dollars in public subsidies.

The price was estimated at $800 million when announced in June 2005.

The stadium is due to open April 16.

If you can't take the scrutiny, don't ask for a break from taxpayers.

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Anonymous said...

Imagine that. Someone questioning whether tax breaks for Mr. Steinbrenner are more important than funding the government of New York and providing basic services such as cops, hospitals, fire prevention, sanitation, transportation and infrastructure.

What heresy!