Sunday, March 1, 2009

Traffic light installed after 54 years of concern

From the Queens Gazette:

The Variety Boys and Girls Club of Queens, of which Vallone Jr.'s grandfather, Judge Charles J. Vallone, was a co-founder, is located at the southeast corner of the intersection. Since the club facility was built in 1955, concerned residents often made requests and club officers also raised numerous concerns over the hundreds of young members forced to cross a busy street without a traffic light. In 1968, Vallone Jr.'s father, Peter F. Vallone Sr., then president of the Astoria Civic Association, wrote to a number of agencies, including then Mayor John Lindsay's office, asking that a traffic signal be installed. Even as these efforts were made, two brothers, ages seven and 11, were hit by cars in two separate incidents in 1972 and many other accidents occurred over the years, including one involving a young man who was killed in a hit-and-run. But even after years of requests, numerous injuries and at least one death, the former Department of Traffic, now the Department of Transportation, said an investigation had been conducted and DOT studies had concluded there was no need for a light.

After he succeeded his father in the City Council in November 2001, Vallone Jr. spearheaded renewed efforts to bring a traffic light to the corner of 21st Street and 30th Drive on taking office in January 2002. After more than seven years of work on his part, capping more than 20 years of work by his father and 40 years of community and Variety Boys & Girls Club officials, the much sought-after traffic light was quietly installed on Oct. 1, 2008.

Let's give three cheers to the three generations of Vallones who among them took 54 years to get a traffic light installed.


Anonymous said...

Please. That's nothing. In Astoria, the same corner house was hit 4 times over a several year period by flying cars until a traffic light was finally installed. The house was on the same avenue where Vallone's grandfather, Judge Vallone lived.

Apparently traffic lights are more precious than gold or platinum. Life however, is cheap.

Anonymous said...

vallone is useless, end the vallone dynasty

Anonymous said...

Phonys, liare, and cheats. They carnot for their costiruents, but for their own personal good. Getg rid of them all NOW!!!!

Anonymous said...

Apparently traffic lights are more precious than gold or platinum. Life however, is cheap.

I remember a few years ago when, after years of protest, some parents finally got a light on a corner that kids crossed for school - after a kid got hit by a car in Woodside.

At the same time a new McDonalds opened on Northern. A light showed up as a matter of course.

Anonymous said...

Astoria is poorly run.

They used to be good, but they have writtne off the community and are now mining it for all they can before it turns into a new Hispanic community as an extension of Elmhurst/Corona.

Anonymous said...

Yes. I agree Astoria has become poorly run. If anyone has any ideas what we should do about it, please post.

In the last two years I have come very close to being driven out entirely due to unbearable living conditions, I narrowly cheated death from a falling ceiling brought down by my evil landlord. The only people who helped were Assemblyman Gianaris and his Assistant Irene.

Tenants in my building have been systematically terrorized and driven out.

Tactics have even included mis-use of police and mental health agencies as well as the usual suspects: turning off heat, turning off water, turning off electricity.

The evil girl-cutter is involved. If you want to know what scum are contributing to his re-election, google "Board of Elections" and read the names. Time for boycotts of some local businessmen.

Anonymous said...

What to know how to get a traffic light?

Ask CB 12 in Brooklyn, they have one on just about every corner.

Anonymous said...

The only people who helped were Assemblyman Gianaris and his Assistant Irene.

Gianaris did something?

Count yourself lucky - he is a mystery even to the local greek community.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he did do something. Something that the HPD, DOB, Queens Attorney General's office, Vallone, Police, DHCR and many others failed to do. He had my landlord reconstruct my destroyed apartment and save me from homelessness.

I was a classmate of Vallones and went to the school his mother worked at and Gianaris gave me more help. I am Irish, not Greek, but I have more respect for the Greeks.

The Flying Vallones said...

hairpiece, hairplugs, hairless

Anonymous said...

the problem with astoria is the old farts want it to be the 1950s, the newcomers want it to be as cool as williamsburg (kinda like dorks who start their own fraternity cuz they cant get it the one all the girls hang out in) and the eurotrash want it to be one continuous neverending neon cafe. meanwhile the assholes in the clubhouse are a mix of all three.

Anonymous said...

Sign me up with old farts. At least in the 1950's everyone had jobs.

Anonymous said...

i have a feeling your already a charter member grandma.

Anonymous said...

No, the 50's were before I was born, but the old timers were ladies and gentlemen. The Depression survivors had warm hearts and great integrity, unlike the money-grubbing creeps of today.

Crookedness is a major cause of our latest financial woes.