Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The showman must spend on!

From the Daily News:

Borough president Marty Markowitz is known for putting on a show, so maybe that's why he spent $38,000 on a tricked-out SUV and pays three drivers to cart him around Brooklyn.

His brand-new $38,705 black Toyota Highlander Hybrid comes with four-wheel drive, a touchscreen navigational system, heated seats, a power tilt/slide moonroof, running boards and "VIP glass breakage sensors."

It is one of nine taxpayer-funded vehicles in his office. The drivers all work full time and earn between $37,000 and $67,000 a year.

In an interview, Markowitz defended his choice of the Highlander, saying it has ample trunk space for the boxes he must carry.


Anonymous said...


It's to carry his crooked fat ass around in the style he's been all too accustomed to!

Ha, ha, ha.....take the subway like Mayor Bloom-turd.

We're in the middle of a depression!

Austerity measures begin at home!

faster340 said...

His BIG EGO needs a big car to haul it around!

Missing Foundation said...

Classic example of a worthless pol in a worthless job wasting the public's money on worthless activities.

Depression? What depression?

Whee!!!!!!! he he he !!!! Look at me !!!!!

Frank said...

Yeah, Marty, and Four Wheel Drive is necessary in Brooklyn.

I'm sure there are hybrid sedans which get much better gas mileage that will fit just as many boxes. SUV trunks are not as large as everyone seems to think.

Anonymous said...

Marty is also spending over $64 million dollars & growing to build the "Marty Markowitz Amphitheater" at Seaside Park. This will destroy the only open space park in this residential area. The building will be over 110 feet tall with a 12 foot wall surrounding it (so no one can look in)with a roof of over 100 feet tall. This is a commerical private concert venue, to make MONEY. Screw the residents & their quality of life.(All these facts were illustrated this past Sunday at the Save Seaside Park Town Hall Meeting) For more info on how to fight this vanity project contact SaveSeasidePark@aol.com or call NYC Parks Advocates - 212-987-0565. Enough is enough, Marty works for the public , he dosen't work for private concert businesses & special interests. We pay his salary. Let's set him straight.

Snake Plissskin said...

Classic example of a worthless pol in a worthless job wasting the public's money on worthless activities.


One good thing is that as they become more inept they loose credibility with the public. The are undermining their own position.

It is a slow process but the direction is unmistakable.

The more this happens, the easier it will be to overturn the entire corrupt (and out of date) system.

All we need to do is awake the sleeping giant, public opinion.

Mortimer said...

The least this mung could do is buy American......

Anonymous said...

Can you say "Buffoon" boys and girls?

Anonymous said...