Friday, March 13, 2009

Shoe guy doing a brisk business

From the Times Ledger:

A Bayside shoemaker said the number of requests for shoe repairs at his Bell Boulevard business have risen so much since the economy began declining last fall that he is planning to hire full and part−time assistants.

Steven Lastihenos, owner of Apollo Comfort and Shoe Repair at 42−34 Bell Blvd. in Bayside, said the economic downturn has boosted his business even as other stores on the block have been forced to run sales.

Although new retail shoe sales still make up the majority of his business, many customers who have been caught in the unraveling economy have been keeping their shoes longer and repairing them instead of buying new ones, he said.


-Joe said...

I have gotten a whole basement of TV, Stereo and consumer electronic repairs, people are begging me.
-I'm so swamped I had to build a 2nd workbench and baught a 2nd Scope and DMM.

Many people are also dumping there cable TV and putting up rooftop antennas.
The picture is actually better on over the air brodcast. You can have a TV in every room and all the TVs features like dual tuner, picture in picture work.
You even get sub channels (three NBCs here in NYC)

Anonymous said...

It's good to see craftsmen flourishing............

Anonymous said...

Although I always tell people to shop in Queens, there is an elderly Greek shoemaker on Wall Street who survived 911. If you are in the area, find his shop and give him some business. How can you not respect an old fellow who worked every day of his life and stayed when the buildings were falling and times were hard?

Anonymous said...

The land of opportunity.

KG2V said...

Steve and his guys do nice work. I used to live 3 blocks from there, and I still shop there for shoes, and get new heels/soles put on shoes there (good hiking boots are meant to be re-soled)

In fact, I have a pair of shoes on order there right now