Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shea Stadium removed from panorama

From NY1:

With baseball season just around the corner, the Queens Museum of Art is updating its giant panorama of the city to include Citi Field, the Mets' new stadium.

The model of Shea Stadium is being taken out over the weekend and replaced and the new miniature stadium will be unveiled on Monday.

As for Yankee Stadium, the big switch will occur when the old stadium gets torn down.


-Joe said...

I wonder if they will include the worst POS I saw floating under the Whitestone Bridge yesterday.
How about a prefab house on a trailor strapped to a barge !

2 Story butt ugly "Shoe Box" with a bay window in the shape of a Cat eye.
Lower 1/2 the first floor
Upper 1/2 the top floor
It had some external steps leading up to a 2nd floor.

I swear these architects and builders using CAD all need to be shot on sight. They have gone mad !

I wonder who in Bayside or Whitestone is getting stuck with this ?

Queens Crapper said...

You mean this?

This baby's headed to Glen Cove!

Anonymous said...

Funny, too, that the DOT removed the Shea signs from the highways and replaced them with "Citifield" but there are still signs for Parkway Hospital, Mary Immaculate Hospital, and St. John's Hospital.

How very efficient of NYC DOT!! Play Ball!! (Just don't try to find a hospital!!)

Anonymous said...

It's almost as funny as the DOT changing the BP and mayor's name at every borough crossing every time there is an election. Why not just "Welcome to Queens," without seeing Bloomy and Marshall's names?

Anonymous said...

Of course sometimes everyone knows the hospitals by the old name still.

I am always asked about the 19A, now 69 bus, Astoria General (Mt. Sinai Hospital for over a decade) etc. How many people are still looking for 6th Avenue (Avenue of the Americas since before I was born.)

The 59th Street Bridge instead of the Queensboro? That one baffled a London-born friend of mine for several hours while she tried to find this "59th Street" bridge while circling the bridge on the Astoria side.

What the name is and what people know an institution by are two different things. Sometimes the correct name is more confusing. JFK Bridge anyone?

Anonymous said...

Wow, they didn't waste any time in getting rid of the miniature Shea Stadium, didn't they????

Anonymous said...

I think that last poster missed the mark. The three hospitals named--Parkway, Mary Immaculate, and St. Johns-- no longer exist thanks to the shortsightedness of the powers that be!

Does attending a baseball game give enough health benefits?

-Joe said...

"This baby's headed to Glen Cove!"

Yep thats it !
Figures, the Suozzi family includes mayor, township, cement & construction in Glen Cove

They did away with countless zoning & variances and want to "block bust" the whole town of Oyster Bay.

If you willing to pay Suozzi's people for "studies" and construction consulting and taxes any Bukerian doctor from N Shore Hospital can plop any piece of sh*t pig on a property.

There are now eurofucco Buk & Persian palaces, apartment projects sitting next to 1870 Castles and Gothic's up there.


Anonymous said...

Bukharin’s and Russians arriving in WASP-ville via sea!
Where are the Gottis and Agnello's ?

This is the worst cataclysm since Robert Moses and talk of the Oyster Bay cross sound bridge to Rye.

Thank You North Shore LIJ Hospital !!

Anonymous said...

Actually you are right. I did miss the mark. I was not aware that all three of them were gone. I thought that Parkway was renamed.

I hate like poison the closing of hospitals and the spending of public monies on bread and circuses.