Monday, March 9, 2009

Scarano interview, part 1

Brooklyn-based architect Robert Scarano recently spoke to The Real Deal about his disputes with the Department of Buildings, including his decision to surrender his self-certification and the stop-work orders on some of his projects. He also spoke about how much responsibility architects should have for construction sites.


faster340 said...

He takes responsibility for nothing. Real nice.

Anonymous said...

From the looks of it...Bobby "the hairpiece" Sarano's pompous Pompadour just got flattened a bit along with his enormous ego.

Who styles his toupees now....the same guy that does "The Donald's" (Trump's) famous dead Muskrat hairdo?

Put that goombah in jail where he belongs!

Is he one of the favorite sons of which mobster group from Brooklyn?

Anonymous said...

Will he just find someone else to put their names on it all; he knows his name is a lightning rod. Will he continue to reap $$, just through a beard?

Anonymous said...


Just like Tommy Huang has a his case his sons!

Anonymous said...

Self certification - beginning of the end of Queens. Halt this activity for all trades and professions.