Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Paterson poll numbers in the toilet

From 1010WINS:

A poll Monday showed Gov. David Paterson with the lowest approval rating of any New York governor in 30 years, even worse than Eliot Spitzer after he was named in a prostitution investigation.

But Paterson tried to treat the latest dismal poll like old news. Instead, he pushed a politically difficult New York City bridge toll proposal, continued to call for more spending cuts, and warned the deficit may grow $3 billion worse in a few months. He was trying to return to his early form in 2008, when New Yorkers responded well to his calls for fiscal discipline in Albany after he took over when Spitzer resigned in March.

Asked what his renewed tough demeanor and some unpopular stands on the fiscal crisis will mean to his election prospects in 2010, Paterson said he just doesn't care.


Maspethian said...

I was surprisingly pleased by his candor when he first took office. Since then, he has proved himself to be a cringeworthy amateur. The Senate appointment was a pathetic debacle.

Not ready for prime time. Someone well fit for an after hours show on the low end of the AM radio dial, provided he gets up to speed on scrapbooking or the like.

Anonymous said...

Patterson has already hung up his towel for good reason - he doesn't qualify for the job. He was picked as second bananna for the wrong reasons - Harlem back room pol's club put him there (Charlie Taxman Rangle and Basil Paterson his Dad).

This old school Pol were skillfull and continue to be political power brokers - but this has all but dried up after Patterson is gone. It's amazing how NY & NYC tolerate this for their leadership - we deserve better.

Patterson did have candor when starting his office - immediately declaring he bedded women other than his wife at a local Harlem hot sheets motel and that his expenses of this nature would be paid back to the State when it was disclosed otherwise. Yes he did drugs but who didn't in Harlem and those of his age did in the day. Yes, he owns many primary homes is it in LI or in Manhattan while maintaining a rent stabilized apartment in NYC - for the mistress?

What ever - now that his term is coming to an end - his rewards will mount as a super-lobbiest whom has contacts throughout NYS and in Congress. IN fact he may even go the Cuomo route and be in Obama's administration - how perfect can that be?

Anonymous said...

Maybe he'll run for dog catcher after his term is over and that can't be too soon!

Anonymous said...

Shows that the second generation is not quite up to the first, eh 'Peta?'

Another reason for term limits.

Anonymous said...

Can you say Governor Cuomo?

Wade Nichols said...

The "accidental governor" will soon be gone. Bring on the next schmuck!

georgetheatheist said...

I'm just curious. How goes the Governor shave? How does he maintain that grizzled look? An electric shaver? Someone shaves him?

Anonymous said...

Down the toilet?
He's out to sea by now!

Anonymous said...

Even Jesus and the 12 disciples would not be popular in this economic climate. When you can say "yes" you are loved. No one wants to hear, "No," even when its necessary. Its the old saying, "Success has a thousand fathers, failure is an orphan."