Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oddo ready to grab his ankles for Bloomberg

From WABC 7:

Staten Island Republican Jimmy Oddo has said, "Let's be honest, it's about money...Let's sit at the table and say, 'We need help rebuilding this party, you need a major line to run on. Let's talk turkey.' And I know this sounds crude, and it's raw, but this is politics."

And by the way, the Kings County GOP just folded, as expected.


georgetheatheist said...

The GOP should demand that Bloomberg have coattails and bring into office various Republican council persons. Are your reading this Ragusa?

Lino said...

About 20 years ago my Father knew a high officer in the NY Republican party, (sorry I can't be more specific), anyway he was a lifelong Liberal Democrat and she was -very- odd couple.

She brought him into the heart of the party's meetings and while he found them all to be well mannered "old New York" as he called them, he also found the only thing that mattered was "the buck".

This is the reality of the Republican's Nationwide. They are very adamant about cutting what they regard as "waste' -social programs but, are only too willing to give military contractors a blank check, cripple business regulation (with results we are now living with) and squander gifts upon the very rich in the form of tax cuts and arcane tax laws.

Let's not kid ourselves, these people are bad news. Fortunately the elephant is going extinct in NYC and eventually statewide.

Maspethian said...

"Fortunately the elephant is going extinct in NYC and eventually statewide."

And the donkey is doing better? How many trillions are we in the hole since election day? Lino, please, ask your local business owner who they support.

Both parties have failed us.

Anonymous said...

Nice headline Crapper - way to be classy. Figures.

Anonymous said...

Classy? Do you mean classy like this?

Sarah said...

To me fellow republicans, if you do not want Bloomberg on your ticket do not sign his petitions.

Anonymous said...

There's nothing classy about Oddo
so it's more than appropriate to reflect that in the headline of this post!

As for Bloomberg...
take away his money and he's just a common low class crook!

Phil Ragusa doesn't even deserve mentioning!

Miles Mullin said...

And I know this sounds crude, and it's raw, but this is politics."

Funny, whenever the public starts to speak its mind on blogs likes this (at times crude and raw) its horrors! horrors! horrors!

Go Crappy!

Anonymous said...

"Queens Crap" features the real shit that's going on in this borough...hence its name...
and NOT the party hack propaganda spewed by those clubhouse run weak-lie news rags!

If it offends anyone's sensibilities
then just log out and f--K OFF!

Buy a subscription to the "Ladies Home Journal" if they're still publishing!

I'm with you Miles!

Raw, raw...ROAR!!!

Queens Crapper said...

You know what was really classy? Oddo's defense of a pink granny molester who later pled guilty.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mayor Mike...
I've just buttered up my a-hole.

What do I get in return?

A third term of you? !!!

Forget it...I'm pullin' up my pants!

Anonymous said...

oddo, bend over and spread them for Bloomberg

Anonymous said...

oddo, bend over and pull apart those cheeks afterwards we refer to you as bloomberg bitch.

Anonymous said...

sad part that Oddo took it raw from Bloombergt without the vasoline. ouch.

Anonymous said...

hold on to your ankles, Oddo because Bloomberg is plowing you deep and hard. LMFAO.

Anonymous said...

"oddo ready to grab his ankles for Bloomberg" - one of the best titles of the year!!!! good job Queens Crap.

Anonymous said...

You tell people who think this site is crude and unintelligent to log off and not pay attention, and then when nearly everyone doesn't take this blog seriously or pay attention, you complain that no one listens. Genius.

Queens Crapper said...

Not too concerned about people being offended or not paying attention. I know that various agencies of the Bloomberg Administration, politicians and media outlets check the site daily.

Honest Abe said...

Oddo is stating raw truth. Some
people can't handle the truth.
The Democrats have all third worlders & lobbyist throwing money into their accounts keeping their sewer system alive. Promoting how wonderful their party is as they
steal and abuse the people. Conservative Republicans always screamed in the wind. Well, the winds are changing. Bloomberg is the fuel to power the vehicle that
will restore America to its best. Time to let the liberal Democrats with their hands out looking for free everything to do something novel.. Work For It!!

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg is a liberal Democrat who is only a Republican when it is convenient for him.

vote him out said...

bloomburg suck vote this jerk off out stop the 3rd term please we need some one new

tony a for mayor

and craper Nice headline like them all

Anonymous said...

Look at those lips.

He's an an oral sex man!

Besides, I hear he's got a bad back.

upjohn's ghost said...

Do you think it's part of CAU Commissioner Parvisi's job to scope "Queens Crap" for Boss Bloomberg "Crappy"?

Nah...maybe Matt Gorton
moonlights a little after he exits his new law department dungeon job.

Taxpayer said...

Oddo and Ragusa as well as the rest of the limp-wristed Republicans will be butt-boys for the Commissar any time.

Commissar For Life just tells them to bring their own Kentucky Jelly for easier action. BYOKYJ is on the beggar's invitation!

Does the Commissar laugh at each of these creatures as he pokes it to them? Ya know he IS a humorless creep.

Missing Foundation said...

I LIKE the smell of politics in the morning.

Like rotting flesh.

Anonymous said...

Crappy, these guys should try out for you next posting at the Komedy Klub.

steve said...

Unbelievable. I just wrote Oddo's office expressing my disgust. Yeah i know, his assistant probably pressed delete before I even sent it, but it still made me feel better. Filthy whores.....

Maspethian said...

James Oddo

District Office Address
94 Lincoln Avenue
Staten Island, New York 10306

District Office Phone

District Office Fax

Legislative Office Address
250 Broadway
15th Floor
New York, NY 10007

Legislative Office Phone

Legislative Office Fax


Anonymous said...

Like it or not Bloomberg will be your next mayor. Money talks and bull shit walks. The Democrats are going to beat each other up. Wiener or Thompson have no chance . Nor are either a good candidate. Bloomberg is well liked in the inner city where people are in rent controlled or stabilized apartments. Tony A has about as much chance as Ognibene had last race.None

Anonymous said...

you never know they said obama had no chance

bloomberg sucks bloomberg sucks bloomberg sucks bloomberg sucks bloomberg sucks bloomberg sucks bloomberg sucks bloomberg sucks bloomberg sucks bloomberg sucks bloomberg sucks bloomberg sucks bloomberg sucks bloomberg sucks bloomberg sucks bloomberg sucks bloomberg sucks bloomberg sucks bloomberg sucks
did i make myself clear

Anonymous said...

"Bloomberg is well liked in the inner city where people are in rent controlled or stabilized apartments."

And why is that? There have been more rent regulated apartments lost under Bloomberg than any other mayor.

italian girl said...

Regarding Tony Avella's run for mayor:

I really think he's going to surprise a lot of people. From hear on, he's probably going to be stepping up his campaign and the one thing he's really got (if not the money) is a BIG mouth and he's not afraid to use it.
I'm supporting him because he's not afraid to stand up to these bullies that have run our lives and ruined our neighborhoods. I just sent him a contribution. Why don't you do the same.

Anonymous said...

Goombah Ragusa needs a good dose of citrate of magnesia.

His bowels are backed up just like his party!

Maybe it should be called the grand old potty!

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg's REAL ratings are in the cellar!

His PR machine can Gucci-facci all the phony stats they want but
the average Joe don't like old turtle face!

And it's going to be harder than my dick in a whore house for Mayor Mike to
get re-lected while he's busy trimming the budget for NYC's vital services to the bone.

That ought to make the shrimp real popular with the voters!

Find a political party that wants you yet your honor?

Anonymous said...

Oddo and his fellow hair plug buddy Vallone Jr should come to grips with their many limitations and thank God that they have a job and stop acting like they are royalty. If they had ANY talent they would be in private industry.

steve said...

Honestly, I've been thinkin about it, and I've come to the point with this fuck that I can't even trust the voting system. Doomberg has his grubby hands in the pockets of every media outlet, and pretty much every major organization you can think of. Whose to say he won't just pay off the right people with the right amount of money to have the outcome of the election in his favor. Call me jaded (term limits?), but I sincerely think that this is how its gonna go down. This tyrant will most likely be in office until he decides he doesn't want to anymore. I truly feel this way. And it scares me to death...

Taxpayer said...

When I predicted this several weeks ago, another comment said I was wrong; that the Republicans wouldn't endorse the Commissar.

Well, it is now up to the proud, strong, courageous Ragusa to kneel and rub his lips with Vagicil for his meeting with the Commissar.

Oddo will kneel behind Ragusa (daisy change style) with a gerbil to crawl up Ragusa's ass, as the Commissar spills money on both beggars ("Let's be honest, it's about money..." And, this being politics, he will crudely try to stick the Commissar up our ass so he gets his pimp pay.)

Anonymous said...

QGOP is not folding. They may be the odd man out, and Bloomie will get the line, but it won't be b/c of QGOP. OK?

Anonymous said...

In response to Steve's Comment. You're probably right nothing is on merit anymore it's on buying what you want if you can afford to do so, but I truly feel there are more voters and if we all ban together like we did for the presidential election, we CAN make a difference, WE JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE we can. Have faith i'm told it can move mountains. Start a movement thanks to Italian Girl i now have Mr Avella's site which i will sacrifice something I want monthly till the mayor election and give donations to Mr Avella. If we all did the same thing even if it's $5 it can and WILL make a difference. We can't give up, we have to show these corrupt people that the little people still can roar.

italian girl said...


CJ said...

Congratulations Mr Oddo, you win this weeks palindrome contest.

Mike said...

The only classy thing about Jimmy Oddo is his DA girlfriend. Rumor has it she likes to strap it on so he already knows how to assume the position

Taxpayer said...

"QGOP is not folding. They may be the odd man out, and Bloomie will get the line, but it won't be b/c of QGOP. OK?"

No words are prouder or more courageous than the above.

Spoken as the Commissar shoves it up Ragusa the Butt Boy's ass.

Anonymous said...

"Spoken as the Commissar shoves it up Ragusa the Butt Boy's ass."

You have some serious issues.

Anonymous said...

"Bloomberg is well liked in the inner city where people are in rent controlled or stabilized apartments."

That's it! I've had it with stupid cocksuckers like you. I'd like to slap the taste out of your mouth for that dumb post.