Tuesday, March 3, 2009

NYC: Where money is no object

From the NY Post:

City education officials facing severe budget cuts awarded a $2 million consulting contract to a company whose bid was four times as high as the lowest offer.

The contract to hire a seven-person cost-cutting team was won by the consulting giant Accenture.

Nine companies bid on the contract, assigning specific salaries to each member of the team.

For the role of entry-level project manager, the eight companies proposed an average hourly rate of $88.

Accenture, sponsor of the just-completed golf match in which Tiger Woods made his comeback, bid $323 an hour.


Anonymous said...

I used to work with morons at Accenture. Half of the "Management Consulting" staff are nothing but overpaid useless fresh college grads. Accenture is known for overcharging.

Trilby said...

Then's good wages! Thanks, Bloomberg, for your great management.

Anonymous said...

There are many non-profits who are giving money to the NYC Dept. of Ed.--some for several years--who will wake up one day and ask: where is our money going and why does it not seem to be changing the system to any great degree? The DOE is playing Madoff level shell games. How many consultants have they had over the years? So many. And usually they have been funded through nonprofits for a year or two and then their staff is "hired" by the board. Follow the money, call the Feds, stop this shit. Management? What a joke.