Sunday, March 8, 2009

Not model behavior

From the NY Post:

After he proposed to expand the visas available to foreign models so they can work in New York, Rep. Anthony Weiner's mayoral campaign took contributions from some cat walkers from abroad.

Problem is, the models aren't allowed to donate because they're not US citizens or permanent residents.

The donations for Weiner, a Democrat who represents Queens and Brooklyn, were made at a fund-raiser last June 30 at Merkato 55 in the Meatpacking District, records reviewed by The Post show.

The Weiner campaign put the donations toward qualifying for taxpayer matching funds by including them in its filing last July.

"It's the responsibility of the campaign to make sure that everything's kosher, and clearly it's not kosher," said Baruch College political expert Doug Muzzio.

Weiner's gala, just a month after his House model bill garnered headlines, was co-hosted by an immigration lawyer whose firm represents some of the top modeling agencies.


Anonymous said...

I have a feeling this hot dog will never get married.

italian girl said...

What would a model want with him?

Anonymous said...

This is representative of Elmhurst/Middle Village where only moments ago I spotted Cindy Crawford checking out the avocados at Silver barn. Can we not give these models space from privacy intrusion from ordinary folks? Accept their money - the green card rules will become easier for them and so that Anthony won't be perceived to be an abtaining gay man.

Taxpayer said...

Italian girl said...
"What would a model want with him?"

My question: What would he want with a model? MONEY!

Like Rangel, this cheesy fellow will abuse our trust. He's on the Commerce Committee - with jurisdiction over FOREIGN commerce.

Like Honest Taxpayer Rangel (apparently his mentor), Weiner (1) knows campaign finance law, (2) knows these models are forbidden to contribute to any political campaign in the US (and that his campaign is forbidden to accept their money) (3) Weiner knows that the deal to get visas for these models included forcing them to contribute.

In June 2008, Weiner sponsored a bill that would increase the number of H-1B visas available to foreign models. Weiner argued that increasing the number of visas would help boost the fashion industry in New York City, or, even better, open a campaign funding opportunity.

He knows the law; he's on the judiciary committee, though he's not an attorney.

Dump this garbage!

Anonymous said...

Any newspaper in Queens pick up on this?

Hey Ackerman - front and center


Anonymous said...

Ackerman ain't gonna do a thing - except feature scantily clad third world types on his front page.

Who needs foreign imports when the fat old man with the carnation likes our native born exotic types!

Anonymous said...

This guy 'dates' Hillary's 'friend.'

(I have never used so many quotes in such a short sentence - ah politics!)

Anonymous said...

Well, here's a twist, you don't often hear of beautiful models "keeping" a plain Jewish man. He must be something in bed.

italian girl said...

Trust me:

There's absolutely NOTHING that this guy could possibly HAVE that any model would WANT.


Anonymous said...

some trips were said to have made abroad in the early 1980s by Gary Ackerman, CB#7 notables, Donald Manes and a host of others.

Off to Taiwan with Tommy Huang maybe?

Did any body return to the USA with illegal campaign donations from foreign nationals or were they well laundered to escape detection?

Ask Myra Baird Herce!

Ask Claire Shulman!

Anonymous said...

Hey, who was that hot chick that Ed Koch used to date? Pretty hot and heavy there for a while. Betty Furness? Nope, hmmmm...O yeah Bess Myerson. Miss America. Hey, how did that one work out? (They say politics makes strange bedfellows)

Anonymous said...

He's a phony, through and through.
Go home, please!

Anonymous said...

The fashion world, and modeling, along with other sex-related industries (they are not separate)are tight with the Red Mafiya and other international organized crime groups. Better watch out, these guys are tough. Oh, but they have beaucoup bucks!!

Anonymous said...

Another political ho with no scruples. Why does he get reelected time after time?