Monday, March 9, 2009

Liu protest stopped at City Hall


Anonymous said...


Huang's wife's maiden name is in Alice Liu Huang.

AND let's not forget John's daddy Joseph Liu is a federal convict!

mber the Great Eastern bank job?
He was indicted for bank fraud!

So that bank appears to have been in Huang's father in law's hands....h-m-m-m!

Anonymous said...

Council Member Liu’s Bid for Comptroller Protested

Liu accused by constituents and colleagues of flagrant disregard for human rights

Anonymous said...

Liu is full of crap- states that he is good with numbers, perhaps good with numbers that favor him since he ignores videos of demonstrators attacked in chinatown and ignores videos of horse cruelty and fraud. Liu needs to go, go out of NYC .

Anonymous said...

the cityhall police had no choice to drive those peaceful protestors away. do note that at .26 of the clip there is the highest ranking asian police man standing and he spoke in behalf of Liu. they look like bunch of goons who were circling about to find out people's identities and affiliation. Next time Liu shouldn't send out invitations to the public if he treats the public with so much mistrust.

georgetheatheist said...

A Civil Rights violation? ACLU are you watching this? Norman Siegal?

Anonymous said...

Liu doen’t even represent this “own”, he has disregard videos of demonstrators attacked in Flushing. Liu had the highest asian ranking man in the police dept speak on his behalf. Liu is a dictator and look at his family background including his father who was convicted of bank fraud. As was true for Liu’s namesake, Liu is touched by the shadow of a father who strayed outside the law. In addition to renaming his sons John, Robert and Edward, the elder Liu went so far as to rename himself Joseph. He was an ambitious man who rose to become president of Great Eastern Bank, which served a predominantly Chinese clientele in Flushing. In 2001, as his son John was fighting a close race to win his first term in City Council, Joseph was convicted of bank fraud. While his son was enjoying the triumph of his career, Joseph served one month in prison and six months of home confinement. Today John Liu calls his father “a low-level bank clerk”.
New York Councilman John Liu’s relationship with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has come into question after he allegedly offered advice to members of an angry mob that attacked Falun Gong practitioners in Flushing recently.Liu is possibly the most promising politician supported by the CCP, and has indicated that he may run for mayor of New York City in 2009.

Anonymous said...

the more I learn about Liu the more it proves that people who hates animals are also abusive to people. Liu scores both on both animal and human rights. This man is shit. no joke.

Anonymous said...

Liu is delusional if he thinks he has a shot at comptroller. Hates people, hates animals, supports a bill that is anti-consumer and anti-animals (Intro. 653-A). The impropriety---or is he just stupid? Oh, and he serves on the Consumer Affairs committee. Please explain, Mr. Liu, why you signed on to that bill which supports fraudulent overcharging, inhumane treatment (yes--less oversight of the horse-drawn carriage industry, NOT more), and asks taxpayers to foot the bill for a shady, cash-only industry from which the city derives no DIRECT revenue.

R-E-V-E-N-U-E.... look it up!

And Weprin? You're nuts!

Anonymous said...

thanks Queens crap for posting this video, our new york newspapers are regurgitating John Liu campaign speak with no fact checking. We have no journalist left in this city only our bloggers. John Liu is as rotten and as heartless as they come. they don't even mention with all money he raised with his shady business dealings that he is buying the black votes through Bill Lynch associates. Wasn't liu attacking black rappers for their bigotry and stated rappers were the worst aspects of black and latino culture.

Anonymous said...

Oh joy. The Falun Gong cult has infiltrated Queens Crap.

Most of these wackos are well paid to make noise. The rest are seriously straight-up looney toons who can't seem to understand why hosting a ralley to blame the Chinese government for the Sichuan earthquake the same week it happened pissed people off. I'm not saying Chinese government is the saint it makes itself out to be, but many of us in Flushing lost family members overseas during the earthquake, and to have the gall to say China deserved it is atrocious and inexcusable.

Peaceful Falun Gong protestors? More like inciting a riot!!! Keep playing the victims...people will see through it soon enough.

Oh, and the fact that there are "no journalists left in this city" goes triple for the Epoch Times.

Anonymous said...

LIU sucks... can't wait until he is no longer my council member. I will help whoever else is running to make sure he doesn't get elected to be comptroller.

Kevin Walsh said...

I hate it when cops are used to squelch free speech. They are supposed to be the public protectors.

And I said that during the RNC in 2004.

Anonymous said...

wow, Anonymous took a break from Liu's campaign to post on Queens crap. How honor we are. Liu scored low on both animal rights and human rights. Check online scorecard post by NYC humane league voters and Urban Justice Center. Also note that Liu states he is good with numbers. So what. I am an accountant in Wall streets and we are all good with numbers. Some of us are too good with numbers ane have created some interesting financials. What we need in someone with integrity and that is what Liu lacks.

Anonymous said...

Epoch times had some interest facts such as Liu disregarding videos of protesters attacked in Flushing. Whether you believe they are cult or not isn't the issue but the fact that Liu is a dictator who doesn't support freedom and democracy. Also follow the money trail. how does a man with such little support (4%) raise so much money?

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that John Liu took money from the bank employees of the Great Eastern Bank during his campaign.

The very bank daddy was CONVICTED of scamming for a million dollars. Daddy’s employees while daddy was doing what he does.

Oh, yea, John Liu know numbers all right.

God save New York if this TURD gets anywhere NEAR the withdrawal window

Anonymous said...

Check out John Liu's Wikipedia entry "Controversy with the Falun Gong"

georgetheatheist said...

What's this? Do my senses deceive me?

A Chicom STEALTH candidate running for public office in NYC?

Fuck Mao Zedong, Tse-tung, or The Dung. (You too Liu.)

Anonymous said...

liu is for himself he forgot where he came from. look he left the people of willets point for dead after promising to help them. he's just another dirty dem pol that runs our lives, throw them all out

Anonymous said...

Liu didn't forget where he came from.

He's Tommy Huang's cousin.

That felonious family taught him everything he knows with some coaching from the Staviskys
(who've posed as public servants for decades)!

Let's face it....the clubhouse , with some offshore campaign contibutions
from Taiwan, rule Queens.

Donald Manes and his protege Claire Shulman wrote the book on this.

What better way to transfer illegal foreign cash to Krowley's Klubhouse Krooks (the Queens KKK) than to pass it first through Joseph Liu's Johnny's dad's) Great Eastern Bank?

Anonymous said...

Do you mean that the term Chinese laundry has acquired a new twist?

With government high rag content you add the softener in the rinse cycle?

We already know that the bleach goes in first.