Saturday, March 14, 2009

Helen drops the ax

From NY1:

The Queens borough president's office has prepared its response to Mayor Michael Bloomberg's call for cuts to city services.

(And it ain't pretty.)


Anonymous said...

Tweeding programs and immigrant kids in schools are being hit. No cutbacks in city planning or development.

When mama is in your pocket, and things get tough, you can always throw mama off the train.

Miles Mullin said...

Once again, Queens is at the bottom of something good. Not just a little, but a lot.

People, "What are you going to do about it"

Boss Tweed

Anonymous said...

Why cover this bum who has been in office for 8 years and done nothing? Now that she has a real race she is filling the press and blogs with statements written by her public relations official.

From the Queens Chronicle:

Dave Kerpen, a Little Neck resident, announced on Saturday that he is forming an exploratory committee to consider running for the borough president's seat this year." To read the entire article

And as usually the main street media is not coving him.

This is what Kerpen said about the current occupant of that office:

“Last week, not one but 2 major hospitals in Queens shut their doors. These hospitals employed about 2,500 people and served 200,000 patients a year. The current leadership in borough hall allowed thousands of hospital workers to be unemployed but I think the person who said it best was an EMT worker who lost her job and pointed out, “Those closings are going to shorten life spans” of Queens residents. At the same time of these closings, the Borough President is spending $20million to build a glass atrium at the rear of Borough Hall. If that isn’t a local government out of touch with its residents, I don’t know what it is.”

Anonymous said...

I am a proud Democrat and let me tell you, Helen Marshall sucks.

Sarah said...

The first step to booting all these career politicians out of office is to NOT sign their petitions when they come up for re-election. Without the signatures needed they cannot be on the ballot. Either party!

Anonymous said...

Helen Marshall should be ashamed that 3 hospitals in Queens have closed. She does very little for Queens!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

She let 2 major Queens hopsital close under her watch and she is not ashamed. Thats the real shame!! Disgracefull!!!!

Anonymous said...

you are all right, unfortunately. she started the closure of mary immaculate and st john's in her unfamous new year's 'state of the twat' speach: remember she said:'not on my watch these hospitals are closing'.
your time is over helen, and by the way: anyone asked the queens politicians what they DID to stop closing, besides their minute of fame at the MIH rallye?

And: anyone with an idea to ensure healthcare in queens?