Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Environmentalists vs. Rockaway gas storage station

From the Daily News:

A proposal to create a manmade island off the coast of the Rockaways to store and process liquid natural gas is riling up locals and environmentalists.

The Atlantic Sea Island Group wants to build a receiving station for tankers on an artificial island 13-1/2 miles off shore in the Atlantic Ocean.

The island would be at least 60 acres at the surface and more than 110 acres at the ocean floor, using fill from the Ambrose Channel, according to the company.

That would put it near the Cholera Fields fishing area used by recreational and commercial anglers.

That doesn't sit well with Rockaway residents, who are gearing up to oppose the project, citing potential threats to wildlife and national security.


Anonymous said...

Rockaway already had that island. It was a popular resort with the Tammany Tiger crowd called "Hog Island" that was sunk by a vicious hurricane in the late 19th century.

Local residents and researchers are still finding silverware and pieces of broken crockery from that castastrophe.

Respect the power of nature.

Anonymous said...

Weiner has always been a champion of the Rockaway and Broad Channel environment. Hopefully he can pull some serious strings and stop this disaster in the making.