Wednesday, March 11, 2009

City can't handle sidewalks

From Gothamist:

The city's Sidewalk Management Unit has not been doing a very good job, according to Comptroller William Thompson, Jr., who is releasing his annual report on the state of the sidewalks. Over the last several years, the city has paid an average of $63.5 million annually to settle claims relating to defective sidewalks. Thompson says millions could have been saved if the DOT hadn't failed to inspect one out of every five sidewalk defect complaints; he's also dismayed that violations remained unfixed for an average of four years.


Anonymous said...

I always thought it was unfair that cemetaries are not required to have a sidewalk, let alone maintain it. How does that make sense?

Anonymous said...

what a surprise!

Anonymous said...

And even if they run around fining everyone how to they expect to collect in the bad times. With liens on the house that the bank is foreclosing on? Levies on bank accounts that contain no money? Or ganisheeing the unemployed whose unemployment has run out and who are surviving on hand-outs from family.

I once was present in a temporary agency when the counselor told me that her last call was from someone demanding to know why she was receiving no funds from the temp's wages. Of course, the temp hadn't worked for that agency for quite a while and probably never will again.