Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Charities give as well as receive when it comes to pols

From the NY Times:

For more than half a century, charities have been barred by federal law from making contributions to political campaigns.

But the news does not seem to have reached Albany.

A review of campaign-finance and federal tax records shows that at least 81 tax-exempt charities have given contributions to legislative candidates since 2005, with some organizations giving more than once to multiple candidates. While the amounts were not eye-popping, the contributions often flowed to lawmakers who helped the charities secure state money.

The donations — by museums, churches, hospitals, even Little Leagues and soccer clubs — underscore the lack of oversight of lawmakers’ fund-raising practices in the state.


Anonymous said...

Charities are frequently called to 'donate'.

Where I come its called 'kickbacks'.

Since so many Queens charities are now controlled by developers, it is just the same old hand with a different face.

Should be outlawed.

Glendale Apoplexy said...

Oh this is bad. Sometimes it is money; other times it is something else, such as when charities funded by Bloomberg lined up to endorse congestion pricing. I read the article, but where, o where, can we find the complete list? I want to see for myself.(Just like I would like to see the complete City Council Slush Fund list--where?)

Anonymous said...

Extortion by another name.