Saturday, March 7, 2009

Brown Target building in Bushwick

Jeremy over at BushwickBK has a real doozy for you. And it's going affordable!


Anonymous said...

The amazing this is not the piece of shit apartment building, but the community blog.

Check it out!

Christ, now even Bushwick is ahead of Queens.

Anonymous said...

BushwickBK is a real estate blog, moron. Sad that this is what Queens residents now identify as a "community blog".

Miles Mullin said...

BushwickBK is a real estate blog, moron.

Have you actually looked at the 'community' blogs in Queens?

Better yet, have you acutally tried to criticise real estate development in 'community' blogs in Queens or have a serious discussion about those communities (outside of debating the merits of various taco trucks or what each developer has or has not yet done for the breathlessly awaiting community?)

You get laughed at, and if that doesnt work, kicked off.

Like the newspapers, a good portion of what they do is push real estate.

But the point here is take a look a the entertainment and vibe even in that part of Brooklyn.

That community does not have one tiresome cafe of hookah smokers debating the tiresome Bosnian question or tables of very old and very sure and very stupid seniors whining about something stupid.

One is going up, the other gently gently ever so quietly settleing beneath the waves.