Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bronx building vestibule collapses

From NY1:

Residents of a Bronx apartment building say poor maintenance led to the collapse of their entryway early Monday.

The collapse happened at 2734 Bainbridge Avenue in Bedford Park.

The Department of Buildings' website shows there are no outstanding violations and only two complaints against the building. But residents say problems with the building run rampant.

There's no word on what caused the collapse.

The fire chief at the scene says temporary repairs were put in place to allow people in and out of the building.

Three people were taken to Saint Barnabas Hospital with minor injuries.


Anonymous said...

No violations because the inspectors were fitted with blindfolds crafted from crisp Benjamins.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit!

Too bad it wasn't that fat ass Toby Stavisky that fell through the floor!

Anonymous said...

i wish it was liz crowley and her azz kissing community board members.

Anonymous said...

Thankfully no one was killed.