Friday, March 13, 2009

Bloomie finds money for state projects

From the NY Observer:

Mayor Bloomberg is seeking to grab control of Governors Island and Brooklyn Bridge Park, pushing the Paterson administration aside in an attempt to spur progress on the two projects, both of which would create new real estate development and public parkland.

As part of the mayor’s plan, his administration would take money it invested in the Javits Center (the city and state each have committed $300 million for a major expansion that was subsequently scaled down) and put it toward Governors Island and Brooklyn Bridge Park. there IS money sitting around. Why aren't we using this to keep hospitals and firehouses open?


Taxpayer said...

Yes, that $300 million could easily be put towards the two hospitals, and improving many other hospitals in NYC, but, and this is big for the Commissar: patients who are made healthy, don't give kickbacks!

He does have priorities, you know!

How else did this Titan of Commerce make another 5 or 6 BILLION dollars since the financial downturn?

His calling card says "Honest People NEVER get the Prize".

Anonymous said...

Taxpayer : I'd like to know the same thing....Why Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz has over $ 64 milliion dollar & growing to build his pet project.. The Marty Markowitz Amphitheater.. in Seaside Park. Brooklyn (the only open space park in the residential area) when Libraries, Hospitals, Housing etc. are being cut. What are Marty's priorities? Oh.. I forgot Marty supported the Mayor in his relection & supported the mayor in over turning term limits.

Anonymous said...