Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Aqueduct Racino: So much for that...

From the NY Times:

Scratch those plans for the first casino on a subway line. Plans to build a casino at the Aqueduct racetrack have collapsed, the latest victim of the financial turmoil that has stilled the credit markets. Delaware North, the Buffalo Company that was contracted to build and operate the casino, has not been able to get the financing to raise $370 million it was due to pay the state.

That leaves the state with yet another hole to plug in its ever leakier budget.


Anonymous said...

Build it next to the Astoria Houses where Vallone Sr wants to shoehorn 40,000 people.

That community board would ok anything they are told to do.

Anonymous said...

Watchful Horseman.

After Delaware's foreseen withdrawal, NYRA's survival, is now a major worry, as it will have a messy follow-on, to NY racing and any amiable, final solution, if they firstly, incur further, financial hassles, of any type.

The good Gov' Paterson, has asked for yet another round, of Aqueduct bidding...being in true NY political practice, conveniently attuned to, after his elections.

But I just see, the NYRA head, has come out, with the following -

Jerry Bossert -www.nydailynews.com/sports/more_sports/2009/03/11/2009-03-11_the_day_at_the_races.html

….."While we need to constantly adjust to a changing economic situation, we feel we have the resources necessary to take us into the fall of 2010," said Charles Hayward, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the NYRA....

"it's the resources necessary",

bit, that worries me a lot,
as the main NYRA weapon, they've previously & perhaps rightfully possessed, is aggressive litigation, against NY State, over who owns NY's 3 main racecourses.

Be constructive to many, if we knew more about those previous, pivotal agreements, between NY State & NYRA ?

Yes, this expensive game, goes around & around & around...
oh to be a paid pollie...