Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Albany GOP quid-pro-quo?

From the NY Post:

State Senate Republicans received more than $250,000 in contributions from a company that later got a $7.9 million lease for an unneeded Albany office building, according to an internal Senate Democratic memo, The Post has learned.

The explosive claim was outlined in a memo written last week by a senior aide to Senate Majority Leader Malcolm Smith (D-Queens) that concludes that an investigation by an outside agency should be considered.


Lino said...

Locally, WNYC had aired a story covering the ongoing investigation of what was apparently a large web of secretly held operations by the Albany Republicans....43 years in power grows alot of pork and mold.

Among what was found to be hiding in plain sight was a large printing operation, numerous car service contracts and a two-bit tv studio w/two technicians in an office out on LI for the purpose of making video press releases, only available to Rep's of course.

One of those conducting the investigation said that the whole "thing" was so large they didn't know what more they would find or how long it will take to uncover it all.

They are oh-so vigilant at cutting social programs, but spare no expense when it comes to their own luxury and convenience.

BTW: It seems ol' Joe Bruno got hurt in an auto accident. Guess his mind is occupied by that indictment.

-Why is a 79 year-old driving?


Anonymous said...

That printing plant explains all the glossy it looks like a campaign mailer pieces mailed by the Senate on Serf's behalf at taxpayer expense during the campaign last fall that arrived in our mailboxes interspersed with all the campaign paid for ones.