Thursday, December 11, 2008

Washington Square Park stupidity

I like this graphic from Curbed. Totally captures the latest lunacy happening at Washington Square Park. In a nutshell, we're spending a shitload of money to align the fountain with the arch and cutting down a bunch of old trees to do this.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Artificial toxic turf in Washington Square park.Another sad day for the Neu York.Cant what for some fool to defend that garbage replacement for grass.Theres info out there on it .
Taken from the Ap NBC news page:

Frank Sinatra Park in Hoboken, N.J., and a park at The College of New Jersey were closed because New Jersey Health Department research showed they contained up to 10 times the amount of lead allowed in soil on contaminated sites that are being redeveloped as residences.

Pigment containing lead chromate is used in some surfaces to make the turf green and hold its color in sunlight. But it is not clear how widely the compound is used. The New Jersey Health Department found lead in both of the nylon fields it tested, but in none of the 10 polyethylene surfaces it examined.

No wonder its unnaturally hot.

Anonymous said...

Typo.Cant wait for someone to defend that crap excuse for real grass.Leave the park alone.Oops! thought this was a country that cares about its history.

Anonymous said...

A waste of park and time to use the park especially money better used elsewhere - how about in Queens Benepe?

Taxpayer said...

Align the fountain and the arch?

What horse's ass decided that this was important enough to spend a penny of tax money to perform?

And then to spend even more tax dollars on a product that is known to be seriously dangerous - artificial turf?

Corrupt! Oh! This was a Benepe/Commissar decision?

Completely understood now.

Anonymous said...

Lead chromate??! That's a highly toxic pigment, both when ingested and inhaled!