Thursday, December 11, 2008

Deutsche manslaughter charges pending

Manhattan prosecutors won't charge the city or state in the Deutsche Bank blaze that killed two firefighters - although several agencies were supposed to ensure the Ground Zero building was safe.

Instead, the district attorney's office plans to ask a grand jury to bring manslaughter charges against a mob-tied subcontractor, John Galt Corp., and corruption charges against 14 individuals hired to demolish the toxic tower, three reliable sources said.

District Attorney Robert Morgenthau is negotiating with the city to make some admission of guilt in the August 2007 blaze, including admitting the Fire Department failed to inspect the building every 15 days, as required.

None of the agencies that was supposed to inspect the tower - including the Fire Department and the Department of Buildings - will be directly implicated.

In Deutsche bank blaze, DA to charge mob-tied subcontractor John Galt Corp. with manslaughter


Anonymous said...

The fire department being laid any blame I think is a scapegoat.The current mayor needs to take care of that area and theres no reason it should still be up.It should have been dismantled a couple of years ago.
He was I suppose busy playing with his building blocks and developer joe kickback.Funny how he takes no responsibilty for anything which seems to be trend with politicians these days.

Anonymous said...

Well said. The Fire commissioner is a loyalist and will always fall on his sword and take the blame. That is why he is there. The Fire Dept is always way second to Ray Kelly's boys. The mayor is responsible, he is at the top, and hee should have to answer. he stablished the wwhole attitude of hands off developers! Shame!