Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Slumlords getting billed big time

City fixing worst-of-the-worst housing and billing slumlords

Monday, December 1st 2008, 7:45 PM

New York's most decrepit apartment buildings are getting fixed up, thanks to a new city policy of making repairs and billing the landlords, officials said Monday.

"We have an intercom! We have floors!" said Socorro Medina, 48, one of the grateful tenants of a Bushwick, Brooklyn, building where officials announced the policy.

Each year, the law requires the housing department to isolate the city's 200 worst buildings based on violations and inspections.

The agency spent $10 million on repairs this year and has recouped $2 million from landlords; the city goes after reluctant owners by putting liens on the buildings.

With repairs still underway on two-thirds of the first 200 buildings, the housing department has now targeted another 200.


lino in manhattan said...

Now that landlord's Republican butt-boys are out in Albany we might actually see some enforcement of "warrant of habitability" laws.

I can hear them squealing like stuck pigs all the way down here.

Anonymous said...

Ijust love reading an article like this....especially since The Tenants of ''Schleicher's Court''have been fighting for week's to get The HPD Dept into our Mansion to do the necessary''Electrical Repairs''that our ''Slumlord Landlord''Eva Rohan''is refusing to do...I love hearing how someone from ''Bushwick'' has a new intercom system,& a ''Queensmarked Building in ''Queens is being overlooked for five months....LOL!!HPD IS REALLy HERE TO HELP THE TENANTS!!I can't wait for our ''News Conference on Monday,to hear how full of shit the system is....Thank God for ''Councilman ''Mr.Tony Avella''who is helping us in our fight for justice!!

Anonymous said...

Okay,let me try this one more time...Oh ''Wow'' how excitng for me to read that ''a woman in ''Bushwick Brooklyn''has a new intercom.....HPD ,YOU ARE SSSOOOOOO WONDERFUL!!LOL!!While you are out there picking your ''next 200 worst buildings....Do me& my fellow other tenants a great big favor&pick our building next...We have only been Vacated,due to ''Slumlord ''Eva Rohan'' for five months now..Read the newspaper's&stop selling us dreams&do your job already.What is the problem now??Can't wait till my ''Councilman Mr. Tony Avella puts you guys on the spot...What will be your answer???