Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gay saint living above Maspeth bakery

The party of Ober, Van Bramer, Quinn and Dromm is besaddled with a bunch of Albany losers with no cojones.


Anonymous said...

The Dems are cowards for not taking a vote on gay marriage or allowing a referendum on the issue.

I guess now the gays know what it's like to be victims of tweeding.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, they poured money into campaigns because they thought they would be represented in Albany, and instead they are being put off? Why doesn't this happen to developers?

Anonymous said...

RE Developers -- GREAT QUERY!

Anonymous said...

stay single!!!Be happy. DON'T GET MARRIED!

panzer65 said...

Wonder what kind of buns are made there?

Anonymous said...

One of the nazi mods at astorians.com is gay - calls himself a political hack.

Dutifully notifies everyone of each and every clubhouse meeting.

1. no one ever responds.

2. he should see what the old greeks and itialians say about his ilk.

What a waste! The guys could really be a help - highly educated, articulate, outspoken, and bought.

When will they wake up that they got shit in return?