Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Miss Heather takes the 7 train

Miss Heather got artistic while waiting for a train at Woodside Station this weekend. She also found satisfaction in seeing the ruins of the Municipal Garage at Queens Plaza.


todayeye said...

nice image

georgetheatheist said...

Hey Crapper, you got a "thing" for this Miss Heather?

Anonymous said...

Thats amazing that a Greenpoint resident would adventure to more than one neighborhood in Queens.
Good pics.

Anonymous said...

georgetheatheist said...
"Hey Crapper, you got a "thing" for this Miss Heather?"

george, you are such a loser

Anonymous said...

Who is miss heather?

-Joe said...

The Hot rails to hell !
I was on the #7 last week and today Im sick.
Figured Id hit Flushing on the rebound to pickup some cheap jeans and batterys then hit the LIRR home

....All the 3rd world slobs on that train !! Caughing and spitting all over the place. Loads of Chinese and single Mestizo moms towing 3+ kids by no doubt different fathers. From 42stnd to Flushing LIRR platform I could not hear one person speaking English !!
What a freak show, I felt so yiccy I took 2 showers when I got home.

I hope this Miss Heather had all her Flu, TB Pox etc. shots and doest turn blue or green

-Joe said...

Yes who is this Miss Heather, is she normal ?
---Riding the #7 with a camera VS a hazmat suit :) :)


Anonymous said...

hey joe:

sounds like you would actually fit in nicely with those slobs, so don't bash them.