Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Feds crack down on criminal re-entry after deportation


Until now, thousands of illegal aliens deported after committing crimes didn't hesitate to sneak back into the New York area, knowing that if they were caught, their "punishment" would be a free flight home.

But under a new federal policy, they're getting free rides to prison instead.

So far, nearly 100 such illegal immigrants have been arrested in the area and charged with "illegal re-entry after removal," which could put them behind bars for a maximum of 20 years, authorities said.

The arrests come two months after Immigration Customs and Enforcement's New York office established the Violent Criminal Alien Section.

One criminal, who has been deported twice on drug charges, told The Post about a $3,000 "van service" that delivers immigrants from the Mexican border directly to New York City.

"Most of us do it because we've lived in New York and we have family and friends there," said the man, who was sent back to the Dominican Republic in 2005 - and then returned to Queens.

John Tsoukaris, a local ICE official, said, "We're focusing on individuals with violent backgrounds who are a threat to the public's safety."

Although the law was enacted in January 2007, ICE has ramped up enforcement under its multipronged Secure Communities program.


Anonymous said...

Try this crap in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Roosevelt Ave and 69th Street is a great place to find folks to fill the jails in 5 minutes!

-Joe said...

A Little to late.
Right now Illegels have killed more American then the Iraq War Zone DWI alone.

One American killed by a DWI illegel a week on Long Island.
Always repeat offenders
Just yesterday !

Basicly if your an Illegel and get caught DWI with no Licence, No Insurence, No money to pay you just get tickets.

The cops are told by the goverment "Let them go unless they killed somebody" or YOU pay to jail them.

lexx said...

Well maybe if the government focused on "rehabilitation" instead of just punishment there wouldn't be so many repeat offenders, illegal or not. Secondly The deportation laws of 1996 are archaic, barbaric, and dehumanizing. They need to be revised yesterday. Some people should not be "automatically" deported.
For example a person who has been legally residing in the US from a small child and has been consistently there for over 15yrs will almost certainly return after being deported. When they do they will be "illegal" and cannot legally make a living and will most certainly be forced to resort back to crime.
This is life and people do make mistakes. We aren't living in the dark ages for peet's sake. The mass deporting of people by no means makes America a safer place, quite the contrary.
And for the people who always scream "lock em up" Just remeber that it costs tax payers roughly $83,000 per year for the incarceration of each inmate. There is already almost 3 million incarcerated in America giving us the highest incarceration rate in the world. You do the math. Locking up illegal aliens that shouldn't have been deported in the first place for up to 20 yrs just for being here while we release child molesters and rapists early because there isn't enough room in the prisons... Sounds like the same mathematical equations that got us in this wonderful recession as well.