Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cops report bear sighting at Flushing Airport

Shortly before 7:30 p.m. on Nov. 4, police were searching for a man who fled after shooting out the window of a storefront on 20th Avenue. Police from the 109th Precinct called in air support, concerned that the suspect had run into the dense vegetation that now grows over what was once Flushing Airport, It has been abandoned since 1984.

Using infrared cameras, officers in the NYPD helicopter came across something large that was roaming the grounds of the two−dozen acre site and quickly radioed what it appeared to be: a bear.

“At that time, they picked up the image, and it comes in distorted and the guy radioed over that they thought it might be a bear. Later they said it was probably a dog,” said Detective Kevin O’Donnell of the 109th Precinct. “It’s the kind of thing that you say on first reaction, but then you realize later is a little ridiculous.”

College Pt. bear scare all roar, no fur: Cops

Nonetheless, several residents of College Point told TimesLedger Newspapers over the several weeks since that they had heard that police had shot a bear in the abandoned airfield.

“One of the officers from the 109th told the story at my civic meeting,” said new 109th Community Council President Chrissy Voskerichian.

She added: “I think the entire episode only amounted to being a funny story that took on a life of its own as the story passed from one person to another. It was actually pretty funny. I’m glad it isn’t true. Bears in Flushing would not be a welcome sight.”

I'd rather deal with bears than developers.


Anonymous said...

And a whole clan of Nessies have been spotted in Little Neck Bay.

---Happy hour at Applebee's must be pretty good

georgetheatheist said...

Call in Davy Crockett.

Anonymous said...

if they would pave over that area and develop it properly they wouldnt have a haven for rabid dogs, criminals and apex predators.

Queens Crapper said...

Actually a well maintained fence would do the same thing, cost a lot less and preserve the environment.

50 cent said...

what drugs are these cops on please a bear get off the weed

Anonymous said...

Type a personality would think to shoot the bear.Leave them alone and worry about real problems.

neversleep said...

Yeah, I overheard a conversation about that one.

"I went down there to check it out... but then I saw a sign that said "Bear Left" so I went home..."

Then he hiccuped, and little bubbles came out.

Talk about your "shaggy dog" story...

Anonymous said...

A BEAR flushing airport surrounded by urban neighborhoods how can a bear get in there