Friday, November 14, 2008

Writers sue NYC over policy on press passes

(11/12/08, AP) - Three New York writers have filed a federal lawsuit challenging the way city officials decide which journalists qualify for a press pass.

The plaintiffs in the case include a freelancer and two online publishers who were turned down for press credentials last year by the New York Police Department.

In each case, officials decided the men weren't entitled to a press card because they didn't regularly cover breaking news for a professional news organization.

One of the writers, Rafael Martinez-Alequin, has been a fixture at City Hall press conferences for years, but writes only occasionally on the Web.

A second plaintiff writes a newsletter for city jail guards. The third is a freelancer whose feature articles appear regularly in major news publications.

A spokesman for the mayor didn't have any immediate comment on the suit.


Anonymous said...

Stifle any media representative
who might be inclined to disagree
with your views.

The mark of a royal despot like
King Michael the 1st... Bloomberg.

-Joe said...

ALL TRUE, I worked in TV.
These people will soon be out jobs.
However it bothers me how reporters are now calling themselves "Writers"

The Mayors office only gives press passes to reporters they like PERIOD !.

The Mayor won’t even comment on anything even if you catch him on the subway or in the street.

I'll give you an exact Quote from Bloomberg when he passed illegal demolition sights in Little Neck on Memorial Day parade.
Man is this guy arrogant and nasty !

Q: Mr.Mayor look at all this illegal demo and construction ! Laws are not being enforced.
"Call DOB”

Been doing that, they do nothing or show up when somethings weeks gone or built whats going on here its wrong ? .

This isn’t a press conference if you want a press conference CALL _ _ it’s her job to set up press conferences ! That’s what I pay her for now excuse me!!"

....The fat midget asshat then picks up an American flag and marches past the runes of Patrick’s Pub. (gets booed)
I think I sent Crappy photos of this.

TV News at night airs the footage of Bloomberg with Koreans, kids and hotdogs.

Our video becomes property of General Electric (NBC) and buried.
3 Weeks later we are all fired and replaced with NYU people.
(strangly after receiving dirty looks when not clapping or cheering for Al Gore in the hallways of NBC)


Anonymous said...

TV News at night airs the footage of Bloomberg with Koreans, kids and hotdogs.


snake plissskin said...

Nice post Crappy. Yet anther example of that all our institutions need a serious overhaul.

The community boards, the business groups, the city council, the media.

All in bed with each other, all the same closed club, all someday (sooner than later we hope) to be swept out on their asses.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the team in control of caaarrrreeefully minding what the community hears and sees.