Friday, November 14, 2008

Tweeding exposed on the radio

Read this:

Why I'm glad I sold my Willets Point property to the city

(Make sure you read the comments. They are quite revealing.)

Then listen to this and decide whether you think Carlos Canal actually wrote the piece:

Here is the original site, which has some great commenters:

Boom Town

And here is a blog post that explains who is really behind this effort. Wonder if Wilpon is having the same problems that Steinbrenner is having selling those luxury boxes during a shitty economic climate.


Anonymous said...

Citifield Luxury suites are sold out. Nice try

Anonymous said...

They just announced that they sold their last box yesterday. They only had 48 as compared to Steinbrenner's 51 and they sold for much less. The cheapest was $250,000 compared to $600,000 at Yankee Stadium.

I picture lots of Stub Hub activity.

Anonymous said...

Can we learn who bought those boxes? Businesses, perhaps? Businesses who are getting money from the bailout, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

There's no way that guy wrote that Op-Ed. He can barely string a few words together to form a sentence.

Anonymous said...

Quote from neverforget69 blog:

But transforming the Iron Triangle into a posh location will certainly give fans a reason to come by the Mets ballpark even in the dead of winter. What Mets fan would not want to take a ride over to Flushing on a cold winter’s day, dreaming of the days of summer while dining at Planet Hollywood or some other trendy eatery at Citi Field? Then walk across 126th street and take in a movie or browse the latest baseball books at a Barnes and Nobles.


This place will be inhabited by either spanish or asian.

Barnes & Noble does not open next to a place with mystery meat, foreign hand lettered signs, and a filthy smelly noisy slum of shoddy constuction.

miles mullin said...

Once again Crappy, you expose the laughable state of media is the self proclaimed media capital of the world.

The entire exercise is smoke and mirrors with heros of the moment created to serve the interests of the state.

That guy wrote that editorial as much as my grandmother.

And she has been dead since 1953.

Why oh why did the radio not take him to task?

Anonymous said...

who cares if he actually wrote it.

Those are his thoughts and you can not contest that.

This is just more bitterness from the losers in the WP Defense Committee.

Anonymous said...

We absolutely can contest that! For God's sake he told Lehrer he thinks they'll let his towing business stay near the new condos!

Yes, I think he authored that entire piece and those are his thoughts!

Wasn't it Biggie who was saying we couldn't question that the guy wrote it? Now he's practically admitting that he didn't!

Biggie and Carlos EXPOSED!!!

Anonymous said...

If the kool aid smells funny, don't drink it... Good for you, Crappy.