Saturday, November 15, 2008

Underground Railroad museum in jeopardy

Plans to build a state-of-the-art museum inside a Brooklyn rowhouse believed to be part of the Underground Railroad are in jeopardy, the Daily News has learned.

A multimillion-dollar offer by developer V3 Hotels to buy the Duffield St. rowhouse and build a museum and educational center at the site could be scaled back because of delays and a worsening economy, company officials said.

The 2,000-square-foot museum would have been tied to a hotel planned for the site, one of four expected to be built along Duffield St. over the next several years.

Underground Railroad museum in Brooklyn delayed


Brother Bones said...

FACT: The "underground railroad" story is total bullshit.

Do people think the underground railroad was subterranean like the GG train?

I understand the motivation but this is a historical FRAUD that diminishes the true achievements-- and true crimes against-- Black America and Black Brooklyn both.

HOWEVER-- and this is very important-- the houses on Duffield St should NEVER have been threatened. Likewise, none of the scumbags involved with the downtown planning ever should have been allowed to DESTROY THE STREETSCAPE-- again.

Did these clueless greedy fucks learn nothing from the Cadman Plaza fiasco?

Sorry to piss on any fake Black History parade but we ALL deserve better. Keep your house, of course, but spare us the ridiculous lies too.

Anonymous said...

"Brother bones" sure sounds a bit like a closet "White" supremacist to me (talk about inventing a phony "handle" to sound ersatz "Black")!

Where does your academic/historical documentation come from?

Got some FACTS to back up