Saturday, November 15, 2008

Decking the BQE: gray vs. green

In the greatest reunification project since East and West Germany, residents of Carroll Gardens and the Columbia Waterfront District want to reconnect neighborhoods that were split by a trench portion of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in the 1950s — but do so without supporting Mayor Bloomberg’s vision of high rises on decks over the sunken highway.

Instead of the mayor’s call for erecting housing on decks atop the highway, which cuts a north-south chasm through the two South Brooklyn neighborhoods, locals want the city to build a park.

Locals want BQE cover-up

Isn't it always the case that the government wants to shoehorn more people into an area while the existing residents want more room to breathe?


Kevin Walsh said...

That old gag!

--They've been talking about a big dig for the BQE for several years, putting it a tunnel underground. Got about $100 billion laying around? Some vig for the mob contractors? Ask a Bostonian how they liked THIER big dig.

--In the aftermath of 9/11 there was talk of decking over West Street, placing the whole roadway underground. This was shot down by Battery Park City residents, who PREFER their isolated status.

--Similar reasons will be found to shoot this down too. Terrific on paper but the rusting hulk over 3rd Avenue and between the two Hicks Streets is here to stay till flying cars and teleportation are perfected in the year 2525, if man is still alive.

Junius Van Sinderen, WWIB said...

Ding! The locals are knuckleheads; it is interesting that this is coming up again now but it's bullshit from the real estate cabal, nothing more, with maybe an idealistic environmentalist accidentally in tow.

Historic sidenote to any and everyone over the age of 20 referring to the so-called "Columbia Street Waterfront District", from the clowns who did "Neighborhoods of Brooklyn" on down: wake up! And watch "The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight" at least once (it's not great).

Had any of the plans gone through to replace the Gowanus Expressway (so-called) with a tunnel... THAT would have been amazing. Hey, they could even rebuild the 3rd Ave El and have it be like BK's High Line, hah.

That part of Sunset is already like what the old Meat Packing District used to be like, minus the frozen carcasses-- it's strictly Pollo Vivo down here, brothers & sisters.

Who Walk In Brooklyn

Gersh Kuntzman Fan Klub said...

Just a quick comment on what a pathetic shithouse rag Gersh Kuntzman turned the Brooklyn Paper into.

He can jerk himself off with the idiotic "awards" other loser community rags hacks hand out but I defy him or anyone to go back to the BP archives of the 1990s and not walk away disgusted.

Gersh, I know you're obsessed with praise and attention but truly, you are a 10th rate Borscht Belt reject who couldn't tie Jimmy Breslin's shoes-- or even close the velcro if he was a little kid!

You know less than Marty Markowitz's dick (no genius itself) about Brooklyn history and however much you rave against Bruce Ratner (even a broken clock is right twice a day, as they say), you've revealed youself a total whore for Power and New (White) Yuppie money.

Hey Gersh: have you ever asked writers or reporters to to keep it "light"?

Nice work, schmuck.

Sergey Kadinsky said...

It looks good on paper, as would a park over the LIE trench in Maspeth; the Grand Central Pkwy. in Astoria; and the BQE in Woodside.

Covering a highway trench is a more realistic idea than burying the Gowanus Expwy. or Kosciuszco Bridge.

As for the loser who blasted Gersh Kuntzman- you go try and start a community newspaper. Maybe then you'll see its no walk in the park.

Anonymous said...

Kuntzman didn't start a newspaper. He took one over. The hard part was already done.

Paper sucks, just like the Queens Trib.

queasy in queens said...

Wow! How refreshing to hear Broolyn people!

When you are in Queens and have to put with with Terri and Claire and Toby and the bunch, and even worse, the locals resigned acceptance or gagging sycophancy, the simple fact of crossing the border (or river for that matter) can refresh your faith in humanity.

Welcome Brooklyn! Welcome!

When will the citywide grassroots preservation community unite? Crappy is a good step in that direction.

Anonymous said...

Deck it over and make it a bike superhighway for Brooklyn people to get to Manhattan!