Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bloomie kissing Dem ass

Mayor Bloomberg, a Democrat-turned-Republican-turned independent who has yet to say which ballot line(s) he'll seek for his 2009 re-election bid, has paid homage to two different Democratic county chairman over the past 24 hours.

Last night, he traveled to Bushwick for a community meeting with Brooklyn Democratic Chairman Vito Lopez, who called the mayor "a hero."

This morning, Bloomberg made a highly-unusual and unannounced stop at the Regency Hotel for the ABNY breakfast where Queens Democratic Chairman Joe Crowley was speaking.

Recall that the mayor only needs to receive approval from three of the city's five Democratic county leaders in order to compete in the party's primary in 2009. A consultant close to Bloomberg told me last month that the mayor would be "foolish" not to shoot for Row A if he could only figure out a way to do it.

Two Chairs In Two Days

Grandma Shulman apparently doesn't care what line he runs on...she's in love.


miles mullen said...

Shulman told me, “I have no idea what flag he’ll run under, but I’ll support him.” Shulman cited Bloomberg's fiscal management and experience governing, saying, “We cannot afford on-the-job training."


As long as he is for the developers. This statement, gradma, shows that transparency of parties.

We have no political parties.

We have no laws.

We have no government.

Our tax money, our homes, our communities are turned over to the developers. Our importance to the hacks is a function of our pliability towards those ends.

Anonymous said...

the mayor must go

Anonymous said...

This man's whole modus operandi is a threat to democracy as well as to good gvernemnt. Take some solace in the fact that the man is a failure, though the media does not put it that way. Recall that in every fight where he took a strong stand, he lost ignominiously: the West Side stadium, Olympic 2012, congestion pricing. He is a can't do guy (add school reorg to that list) but people do not see that. Turn him out.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see different mayor very sooon.This city does not need a million more people and that point needs to be brought to the attention of the complacent media.He obviously is not a economic genius, just a megalomanic who needs to learn some manners concerning peoples neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

Crowley got his ass kissed then quickly dropped to his knees to give Bloomberg some head!

I hope that "clubhouse" Joe picks up an STD from "hizzoner".

Anonymous said...

Of course we have a government in NYC but it happens to be run by the real estate industry.

maybe that should become an official 3rd party.

Mattone for mayor.

(Or Silverstein, Ratner or
whomever other developer you might prefer)!