Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More Forest Hills McMansion madness

"A SWO, neighbors' homes partially vacated and this person still persists.

A $2,000 fine isn't enough IMO."



Joe said...

$2000 is a joke, just like a tax to get things done.
The law needs to be changed to take people away in handcuffs with a $10,000 fine.

At least treat them like the City tow & impound peope do !!
Its discrimination to give these lawless savages repeated slaps on the wrists.


Anonymous said...

I heard that some of these very-oversized McMansions will be used as places of worship. This would free the shady owners from paying property taxes. Take a very close look at the ones on 112St/Jewel
and those near 108 St/Jewel.
Something very very suspicious about them.
Hey Bloomberg,DOB, and Katz-- where are you????

iroquois plisken said...

I passed by that dump yesterday and today and guess what. THERE ARE STILL MEN WORKING THERE! They're placing steel beams on the roof. I called 311 but they said complaints have been logged in. Why isn't anyone taking action? Are they just waiting for those beams to kill someone?1?!

Anonymous said...

Gasoline is so much cheaper these days, why not splurge for 5 gallons and burn it to the ground?