Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mike's payroll higher than ever

The head count in Mayor Bloomberg's office has swelled to the highest level of his seven-year tenure - prompting him to order a massive cut over the next 19 months, The Post has learned.

Figures posted on the city's Web site show that the mayor's office had 492 employees as of September.

At the end of the 2007 fiscal year in June, the figure stood at 451.

The low point, 404, was reached in October 2005.

When The Post first examined the payroll last March, mayoral aides defended the upward trend by saying employees were added to address specific policy initiatives launched by Bloomberg in his second term, including tackling poverty, combating illegal guns, and the sweeping environmental agenda known as PlaNYC.

But with the economy in trouble, the mayor has put on the brakes and shifted to reverse.


Please start with CAU.


Anonymous said...

Why doesnt he tighten that belt buckle real tight and cut that staff down to way below 200, and thats being generous.Mister mike liar thats not magically fiscally responsible at all.Adding staff to fight poverty??Thats amusing when jobs of all sorts are cutting staff left and right.Didnt you and Paterson warn us about major changes with local & state government jobs being slashed.Get right on that, or the PR campaign.
Dont know if this piece of work should have any legacy left all.

Anonymous said...

Get rid of the CAU (Community Affairs Unit) and dump its commissioner Natzli Parvisi!

They're just a bunch of flack/hacks that do nothing but put a buffer zone between the mayor and the constituency...somewhat like those push-to-cross buttons on busy intersection traffic lights.


Eh....Mayor much will that save?

Do the math before we do!

Anonymous said...

Agree with doing away the CAU. They do nothing. Useless freeloaders!

Anonymous said...

Govt by Bloomy = do as I say not as I do.

slick said...

He is gearing up resources and personnel for his run. All these people are there to pump up the numbers, and do research.

Tax payer money is as good as bail out money right? all from the same losers (eg: us)

Anonymous said...

It's about time he made some cuts. There are quite a few on his staff I don't want my tax dollars paying for!

Anonymous said...

no third term get out now .ya his payroll is higher he has parkside on his payroll and all the other ashole that voted for willets point now it done his patroll should drop

Anonymous said...

It's about time he made some cuts. There are quite a few on his staff I don't want my tax dollars paying for!

want to save tax money dont do willets point were do you thing that money is conning from ypur taxes baby