Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kosciuszko Bridge project held up again

Crossing the traffic-choked Kosciuszko Bridge is hard, but tearing it down is proving even more difficult.

After a year of bureaucratic delays, the $630 million project to replace the aging span has hit another snag: getting an okay from Native American tribes who have long disappeared from the region.

The feds have refused to sign off on the project until the Stockbridge-Munsee Mohicans in Wisconsin and the Delaware Nation in Oklahoma are given a chance to weigh in, state and federal officials confirmed.

The two tribes once called this area home. The holdup - the third major delay in a year - has further angered Queens and Brooklyn landowners whose future remains unclear as officials try to figure out how to replace the bridge, which opened in 1939.

Kosciuszko bridge can't span a river of red tape


Kevin Walsh said...

Now, this is total and unmitigated idiocy.

Chief Happy in Pants said...


"Me want more wampum from White Eye taxpayer for you to build bridge where me no live."

Anonymous said...

This is totally ridiculous, yet it is typical NYC absurdity.

-Joe said...

As expected from these Shungads and crooks running the city.

They still cant get the LIE right under the Van Wick Expressway. After 20 years you you still loose your ball joints !!!

These construction companys create job securiety for life. If they tore this bridge down it take 30+ years and 30+ contractors and cement "boy scouts" to finish


Anonymous said...

"Me want more wampum from White Eye taxpayer for you to build bridge where me no live."
Seems like the fat Eurotrash got a good deal when they bought Manhattan years ago.Funny you dont see any natives in NYC but there in lots other states of the rest of the country.